• um hhhhhhh how do u like ckrack open an i pod cause my like hold botton is stuck on hold or something hhhhhhhhhhh yah thats a good one beavis hhhhhh

  • 2 words screw driver

  • i cant open my ipod nano..i dont know how to open again my ipod..i dont know why..

  • 2 other words... "no screws"....LOL...i need help with this one to, cuz my hold button is stuck and stuff so id appreciate if someone told me how. theres my e-mail.

  • swimming and ipod wuz in my pocket

  • same problem as above

    did u get it fixed

    or should i jus get another one ???

  • i put my cloths in the wash with my phone and ipod. i have done this before with the phone but i need to no how to open the ipod to dry it out how?


  • 1. Washed my iPod with the laundry
    2. Turned it off and let it sit for a week
    3. Charged it and powered it up
    4. Been working great for 9 months with no sign of trouble

  • Dude. How do I open my ipod nano to let it dry out? my dad washed it in my clothes.

  • Do not Microwave your Ipod... That is stupid. Put it somewhere warm with no chance of it getting damp (Just a warm room is fine) Leave it for some days. Charge it fully, DON'T LET IT DRAIN OF BATTERY..This for some reason (like mine) Causes it to change to German settings. It wont let your PC recognize it either. So No reboot

  • When I dropped my iPod into a sink full of water, I just shook out some of the water, as much as I could, and propped it up so that it could drain a little. I don’t really suggest doing this as the water comes out through the charger port and the headphone port, and it may cause them to rust. In general though, don't put it in the sun, dry it with a hair dryer, or put it in a microwave. These are all stupid ideas. Just prop it up and let it dry out by itself. Don't try to open it. It will void the warranty, and you can cause major damage to it. They work just fine if you let them dry out first.

  • The battery probably aint dead, leave it for a while then connect it to the computer. It takes a while but should work again!

  • try google duh.

  • Working on an ipod for a friend

    will not recharge or read on usb cord but recharges on my ipod music stand
    Please contact me on how to fix this issue

  • My iPOD was not acting right...could not charge, sync with iTunes, turn on, be recognanized by any computer, fail reboot attempts, disk mode inoperative, etc. My 3-month warranty had just expired less than two weeks ago...convenient. The iPOD was a 4G nano. I took precision tweezers that I use to repair SMT electronics. It's basically a tool that has extremely tapered end to a point, total length +/-6" with handle to tip ratio being less than a 6mm differance. At bottom of iPOD, near the headphone jack and lock switch, place tip of tweezers at seam. Slowly pry up and down along the bottom seam. I used quite a bit of force and was not too worried about ruining the casing. I continued to pry until I could force my tweezers (closed) into iPOD through the bottom with tweezers' tip pointed towards back casing to prevent damage to interal circuitry. Once tweezers were at the other end, I moved them left to right to loosen corners. I grasped the other end with finger at charge/sync port and the tweezers pushed with case the opposite direction. With alot of force (for a girl) I was able to open the lower half of the case. I then managed to pry the remaining casing off. There was alot of cracking/breaking noises at final removal of case. No apparent damage though to case except for a slight bow at bottom from prying which can easily be bent straight again. There are multiple metal clips that held it in place; although I had no idea where they were located...and I don't think it would of made a differance. So it's open now. If you need to deal with the internal circuitry, battery, LCD, etc...you will need to focus on the front case now. There are many screws, excess flux, once-liquid insulation, and other residue holding it all in place. I would not mess with it unless you must. I hope you at least know what you are doing. At most...remember that most of the surface mount chips and components are extremely ESD (Electro-Static Discharge)sensitive...pretty much the whole circuit...meaning that you need to be grounded before attempting to touch anything that looks part of the circuit board. A tap to the board w/ your finger...for just a pico second...can easily destroy the IC (Integrated Circuit),rendering it useless. For more info on how to ground yourself properly, search the web, google "how to properly ground yourself to prevent ESD and you will find guidance. If you want me to explain it, let me...it's a bit of a lengthy topic. That should get you inside with very minimal damage, all of which can be fixed...I think. More questions? Just ask. Peace!!!

  • My friends and i were at the poll and one of my firends decided to push me in with my ipod on. It no longer works. If i open it and let it dry will it work? And if it does will my data(music) be lost?
    or will I have to get a new one?????????? it was in the water for about 3min!

    Thanks girl with ipod in pool

  • My iPod nano 2g felt to glas of water and was there few hours from night till morning.

    I left it to dry couple days, now is working, but If I leave it off, then couple times for a day start to work and then turn off alone. I need to charge batery every day. Before I did it once for a week. Any idea what to do now? Can be helpful to open it and to dry water if still there some ???

    Thanks for help...

  • What I've found to be the cheapest and most reliable method of drying an ipod is after getting it as dry ad you can on the outside, leaving it in a container full of rice for at least 24 hours. The rice pulls out the excess water and it's worked the few times I've tried it.

  • is there any way i can fix my ipod? i was on my way to a soccer game, i had my ipod in the compartment of my bag, unfortunatally my hairspary was in it too. my hairspary leaked and left a puddle of hairspray in the bottom of my bag with my ipod in it:( is there any way i can fix it?? help!( my ipod was only in it for about 5 minutes)

  • I've had my iPod Nano since 2006,and just a few days ago I noticed the top was broken and hanging off.Then I let my friend borrow it,telling her to be very careful.Then,for some reason she got mad at me and threw it at me,breaking the top off completely. It fell on the ground and is now lost forever.When it was thrown,it was on hold and is now stuck that way. I've tried everything I can. Can someone please help me?

  • My problem is that my Ipod nano for some reason is stuck on hold and I have no idea what to do with it... can somebody please help me???...

  • and its still on!!! help me! its a matter of life and death!!! and i mean it!!!!!!!

  • should i live it until its turn of and recharge it, or should i wait for your comments?

  • ok my problem is tht i was carrying my ipod and in my overnight bad when my hair oil spilled at the bottom of the bag and some got in my ipod more like inside the screen, any suggestions?

  • i've had the same problem. the top of my ipod broke off. But now to make matters worse my buttons are broken, and it only works when i connect it to an i home. Can someone help me plz?! and to get your ipod off lock take the top and place it back on again(exactly the way it was)then hold it down with your hands then unlock it.

  • My Ipod my in my backpack and I left it in the front pocket while it was rainingg. It won't come off hold:(

  • Help!! my frend got his ipod 3rd gen in the wash a few months ago. It wont turn on and wen i plug it into computer it turns on and off with the apple sign. help me plzzz.

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