About Jeff's blog

This blog is written by Jeff Putz, author of Maximizing ASP.NET and quasi-entrepreneurial .NET developer. Jeff graduated from Ashland University (Ashland, OH, US) in 1995 to pursue a broadcast career, and as media moved online, so did he. He began learning the ways of The Framework in 2001 during its beta release, and has been using it ever since.

In addition to working consulting gigs around the Greater Cleveland area, Jeff has also worked for Insurance.com and B2B publishers. In his spare time he runs the roller coaster enthusiast sites CoasterBuzz (2000) and PointBuzz (1998). In 2009 he moved to Seattle to work at the Microsoft mothership, in the Server & Tools Online group, then on Azure. He now lives in Orlando, FL, and spent a year at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. And as per usual, Jeff's opinions do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.

Read Jeff's personal blog at JeffPutz.com.