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Starting at Microsoft

I had my first "real" day at Microsoft today (the first day is mostly an HR thing). There's still a great deal of stuff to do to really get settled, as anyone who has ever started a developer job knows, but it felt like I actually worked there today.

I'll be working on the forums team in Server & Tools Online, which owns the forums on the MSDN site, among others. Since I'm only at a point where I'm trying to find the restrooms, I'm not sure yet what kinds of things I'll be able to blog about, but given the fairly non-proprietary nature of what we do in that group, I hope to be able to blog more. Over the last few years I've not posted a lot here outside of stuff relevant to CoasterBuzz, one of my own personal sites, but the more interesting stuff that I couldn't blog about had to do with previous employers. The really off-the-wall non-technical junk (complete with the occasional naughty word) will appear on my personal blog.

A quick shout out goes to the relocation folks at Microsoft, for making the move from Cleveland (relatively) painless. In another week or so, the move should be history overall, not counting the sale of my houses back in Cleveland. I think things have gone as non-stressful as could be expected.

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