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Preview updated for POP Forums v9 for ASP.NET MVC3 Beta 1 posted to CodePlex

Just a quick note to let folks know that I updated the October preview for the forum app to use the new dependency injection hotness found in beta 1 of the next ASP.NET MVC framework. Get those bits here.

Brad Wilson has a great post on what that new hotness looks like, and it's a lot less code, and no more exception throwing for non-exceptional circumstances. Hooray! Brad also has a whole series of posts around this version of the framework, and all of the magic things it does.

I can't tell you what a joy this framework is to work with. I give so much credit to that team for the way they continue to refine it, much of it because of your feedback. Definitely the kind of thing that makes me excited to work for the evil empire rainbow and puppy factory called Microsoft, especially in DevDiv.

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