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Reading from a queue in an Azure WebJob
A few months ago, Microsoft introduced something called a WebJob in Azure . It's essentially a "thing" that can run as a background task to do "stuff." The reason this is cool has a lot to do with the way you would do this sort of...
Lessons from live blogging with Azure (nothing bad happened)
I wrote previously about how I built a "live blog" app in Azure, so we could use it for PointBuzz during last week's festivities at Cedar Point. Not surprisingly, it worked just fine. As I expected, the whole thing was kind of overkill. Sweet...
Building a live blog app in Windows Azure
If you're a technology nerd, then you've probably seen one technology news site or another do a "live blog" at some product announcement. This is basically a page on the Web where text and photo updates stream into the page as you sit there...
From HttpRuntime.Cache to Windows Azure Caching (Preview)
I don’t know about you, but the announcement of Windows Azure Caching (Preview) (yes, the parentheses are apparently part of the interim name) made me a lot more excited about using Azure. Why? Because one of the great performance tricks of any Web app...
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