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Rebuilding CoasterBuzz, Part II: Hot data objects
This is the second post, originally from my personal blog , in a series about rebuilding one of my Web sites, which has been around for 12 years. More: Part I: Evolution, and death to WCF After the rush to get moving on stuff, I temporarily lost interest...
SQL ADO.NET shortcut extensions (old school!)
As much as I love me some ORM's (I've used LINQ to SQL quite a bit, and for the MSDN/TechNet Profile and Forums we're using NHibernate more and more), there are times when it's appropriate, and in some ways more simple, to just throw up so old school...
Forum search win
I checked to see how CoasterBuzz's search index was going today, and was pretty shocked to see that it now as about 15 million rows. Can't say that I've personally written anything that generated that much data on its own before. Once upon a time, POP...
Letting the kids loose on your junk
I ported the data from my reasonably large forum on CoasterBuzz over to an early test build of POP Forums v8 . First off I was just relieved that the data was easy to move. The thing is far from feature complete. It's funny how the basic stuff, users...
Paging in SQL 2005 like a ninja
I'll be honest, I really haven't looked much at SQL Server 2005 because I really didn't have any incentive to. Sure, I've been using the Express version in production and it's super sweet, but honestly I haven't bothered looking...
Is there a way to count SQL transactions in an ASP.NET Request/Response cycle?
Is there a way to count SQL transactions in an ASP.NET Request/Response cycle? In other words, is there some simple bit of code you can wire into an HttpModule at starts and ends counting in the events of my choice? The background here is that I was chatting...
Reporting on massive amounts of data in real time: Need input
Since I've been in the content business online for eight years or so, advertising is the life line that pays the bills. Not my first choice since it has been relatively unstable since the start, but it is what it is. Eventually the time came where...
Posted: Aug 24 2006, 10:52 AM by Jeff | with 8 comment(s)
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