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Leo Laporte and TWIT are getting out of touch: "Web developers don't like Microsoft"
I was listening to TWIT #136 and, wow, Leo Laporte is totally out of touch. Patrick Norton is not far behind. Listen starting around 36:30. I've found that lately these guys are hanging out in Pundit Valley and completely missing what's going on in the...
Tech press and tech bloggers are completely full of crap
The nice thing about Digg and social sites and RSS is that you can absorb a crap load of content around stuff you're interested in. Unfortunately though, I'm starting to realize that "crap load" is exactly what it has become. The problem is that all the...
Web is hanging out where the puck has been
I was listening to This Week In Tech this morning, as they were talking about various services and Web sites they use. It occurred to me that, while many of these sites are very fascinating, most are me-too at best, or worthless at worst. Certainly you...
First play with the iPhone
Well, Jeff Putz Week started last night with a fun date to see a community theater show. Big River was the show. It wasn't terrible at all, though my date used to work professionally as a stage manager in NYC so she had some comments. The point was that...
Posted: Jun 30 2007, 10:56 PM by Jeff | with 8 comment(s)
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Crowds are stupid: The Digg factor
This week's blast of Digg with the HD-DVD encryption key was interesting enough to watch. If you weren't following, one of the keys that allows HD-DVD gear to playback discs got out into the open, and it was posted on Digg. A lot. At first they...
Posted: May 03 2007, 12:38 PM by Jeff | with 4 comment(s)
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LonelyGirl15 and video on the Web
YouTube has a lot of fun stuff, and I won't deny it of that, but I don't understand where this "revolution" in video content is. There is little on the Web that qualifies as anything more than wasting time. There are certainly some big...
Posted: Jan 04 2007, 12:28 PM by Jeff | with no comments
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37signals on Apple
I know that this will annoy some people (right, Rob?), but here's a video of the 37signals guys kissing Apple's ass: Forget about the content... look at the office. It's reflective of...
Modal-style pops in Javascript and CSS
I haven't seen a simple example on how to do this, so I thought I'd post one here. I've seen the components in various places (how to center stuff, move with scrolling, etc.), but I wanted to tie it all in to one place. Start with the actual...
One month in with Google Apps For Your Domain
(also posted on NerdLifestyle ) About a month ago, I got an invite to try out Google Apps For Your Domain , a system that allows you to do semi-private label Gmail, Calendar, Chat and Web page stuff using your domain name. Honestly, I didn't even...
Trying out Google Apps
I got approved to try Google Apps today. I decided I'd try out using Gmail as my mail server on the domain. So far, I like what I see. It's easy enough to handle the e-mail switch. You set your DNS MX records to point to a few...
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