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Portable class libraries and fetching JSON
After much delay, we finally have the Windows Phone 8 SDK to go along with the Windows 8 Store SDK, or whatever ridiculous name they’re giving it these days. (Seriously… that no one could come up with a suitable replacement for “metro” is disappointing...
Installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or Windows Phone tools in your VM (danger!)
If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I tend to develop stuff in a Parallels VM on a Mac. It's how I roll. I like VM's because I can trash them and do really stupid things with beta software. That said, there is a pain...
Windows Phone 7 review
I finally got around to composing some thoughts on what I think about Windows Phone 7, and I posted those impressions on my personal blog . I'll save a few bytes and not repost it here. It should be obvious that my general impression is overwhelmingly...
Windows Phone 7 with your Mac
Yes, I might report to the Death Star every morning and Darth Ballmer (and I like it, too), but it's true that I still have plenty o' Macs around the house. I'm just not able to be religious one way or another, even for the company I work for. But you...
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