Empower for ISV's: FAIL

I was just thinking back to Mix when I remembered some mention of the ISV program, where a couple hundred bucks a year gets you MSDN and such. The catch is that you have to release some kind "packageable" software. Seriously? Does this make sense from the company moving all of its stuff to Web-based solutions and driving the developer community in the same direction.

Not very well thought out, actually.


  • Empower costs some money and requires packageable software. I didn't listen to many of the Mix sessions this year, but didn't hear it mentioned.

    HOWEVER, I did hear the BizSpark program mentioned. That is a program for startups, costs $100 (payable at the end of the 3 year program), and doesn't require a packageable product. I think *this* program is very forward-looking.

  • how about: http://www.microsoftstartupzone.com/BizSpark/Pages/At_a_Glance.aspx

    maybe that's what you're looking for

  • Doesn't look like I'd be eligible for that either. I've been "in business" for longer than three years, even though the actual revenue around that has been mostly just play money.

  • Jeff - surely you could form your own (new) limited company which would make you eligible.

    I don't think whether you have personally 'been in business' for longer doesn't matter a hoot. It's about the startup that signs up to the program.

  • Actually there's a track in Empower that allows you to release a web based service to be eligible (ie no packaged software). But I guess the "new thing" is the BizSpark

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