How do you reach humans who work at Facebook?

I just happened to stumble on a pretty serious flaw in their chat app, to the extent that I wouldn't be comfortable using it on a public network. I feel like I should do the right thing and tell them about it, but they lack contact information in a fairly enormous way. I assume the suggestion box just goes into a black hole somewhere.

So does anyone know humans there?


  • Humans aren't allowed on Facebook.

  • The robots control us

  • Herego, you are connected to the matrix where information transmitted is not meant to be encrypted!


  • Just out them on your blog.

    If they're too cheap to put human contact details on their site, then make them pay by outing their security issues publicly.

  • Shaun Walker (DotNetNuke) had found a security flaw with Facebook. He contacted someone from fb and the app was patched fairly quickly. You might want to query his blog. Otherwise, just spam people using theire app and they'll contact you. ;)

  • Nope, shortly after Facebook was dragged and droped onto the ORM designer, they unfortunately had to let their human go.

    Simply post the exploit. That'll attention and get them to rethink the contact form idea.

  • can someone please help me???? I tried to get on to my facebook page and it said my facebook account was disabled....can someone please help me figure this out? I use facebook regularly and also my farm i get on daily......please help me.....and Thank You. Ranell

  • Iam disgusted that FB got popular and there egos got 2 them, They drew us in and now that we are hooked on some things they simply don't care. There are so many problems and its not my computer. They make it impossible 4 the ones who don't have enough experience to navigate and reslove the issue.

  • I have a blank page everytime i log onto Facebook. I can't find what is wrong or how to fix it. any ideas?
    haven't been able to log on to anything but a blank pg. for about 2 weeks. getting ticked.

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