Worst exception message ever

I'd like to nominate the Entity Framework team for writing the absolute worse exception message ever.

"System.Data.Entity.Edm.EdmAssociationEnd: : Multiplicity is not valid in Role 'User_Profile_Source' in relationship 'User_Profile'. Because the Dependent Role refers to the key properties, the upper bound of the multiplicity of the Dependent Role must be '1'."


  • For an exception message aimed at developers, that's not too bad. It tells you where to look (the User_Profile relationship), and it tells you what's wrong (you've tried to create a one-to-many relationship when you meant to create a one-to-one relationship).

    There are much worse error messages out there!

  • The message is ok, however you suck writing posts

  • At least I've got the nuts to put my name and a URL on my opinion.

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