“...Just remember that Macromedia scrapes ~20% off of the transaction. Although this may not apply to all transactions, and just the purchase of the application. There will be different licensing options that may cover this.“
[Mesh on MX]

So, I'm going to pay 5x as much to develop my app, and then earn 20% less on every copy I sell.... hmm... I think I'll pass.



  • Where do you get the 5x as much to develop figure?

    Granted - I agree with your 20% issue, I just would like to know where the 5x number comes from.

  • Ever developed a flash app? :-)

  • In fact I have ;)

    I'm not trying to get into a Flash vs .Net app thing - I believe that both have their strengths and weaknesses as well as their distinctive places.

    I was just curious as to the "pay 5x as much to develop" statement.

    If your talking the mere cost of the dev tools, I think flash wins. If you are talking productivity etc, then I would lean more towards .Net (it really depends on what you are trying to achieve).

    At any rate, Macromedia grabbing 20% is a rip.

  • Yah, too bad, developing Flash/.NET(or pre .NET) is the biggest bitch ever and overall a horrible idea if your'e going to do anything serious that needs maintained in the future.

  • Unless I am missing something, there is a huge difference between central and component source. Central apps are bound to central (ie. they can't be distributed apart from it... am I wrong there?). If I use ComponentSource, I still can sell my components on my site and recieve 100% of the profit (ie. they can be distributed apart from it). So, losing a bit of money on those sales from component source isn't such a big deal, because since they weren't direct sales, I probably wouldn't have gotten them in the first place.

  • "there is a huge difference between central and component source."

    Absolutely. Many differences, in fact.

    But if you're objecting to fees, then looking how others support those discovery, installation and transaction services can help show why others are so positive about it.

    (Using it "in" Central or "in" VB or whatever isn't as significant a difference... having to evangelize to developers to choose your component versus automatically being exposed to a general consumer market is a much more significant difference, for one. Tons more.)

  • Ask vendors whether they make more money from the products they sell inside of the "windows catalog" or "outside" of it :-).

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