Treo 700w, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Microsoft's Stupidity

Ok, so one of the reasons I got this Treo 700w is so that I can sync my windows media protected music that I paid for to my phone and plug some headphones into it, rather than carrying yet another device around with me every time I go to the gym. Sounds simple enough. And it looked like it was working fine when I finally got around to installing ActiveSync 4.1, upgrading my USB drivers, etc. and clicked the button in Windows Media player to sync some music... that is, of course, until it got to file #26. Apparently, there is some idiotic bug that won't let a Windows Mobile 5 device carry more than 25 songs:

According to Microsoft, the fix has been made available to device manufactures so that they can eventually ship it out to their customers. But, guess what? Palm hasn't released it yet, so I can't sync my music. The fact that the product shipped with such a major flaw is rediculous in itself; however, what really blows is this policy that Microsoft seems to have where they will never actually let you download Windows Mobile updates from them. For example, when Media Player 10 came out, Microsoft upgraded it's DRM, and I could no longer play my new music on my device. They had WMP 10 available and had supposedly released it to manufactures, but to this day, the update still isn't available for my old phone to run WMP 10 (or Windows Mobile 5.0 for that matter). Microsoft really should figure out a way to enable customers to upgrade their devices directly, rather than having to trash the device or wait 12 months for the manufacturer to get around to providing fixes to its customers.


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