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Services Without Components on XP

Great news from Clemens:

“One of the reasons why I run Windows Server 2003 on my notebook is that "Services without Components" (managed incarnation is System.EnterpriseServices.ServiceDomain) didn't work on XP. If you just touch the ServiceConfig or ServiceDomain classes on XP, you get rewarded with a PlatformNotSupportedException, because the unmanaged implementation of that feature was present, but not quite-as-perfect-as-it-should-be on XP. That will soon be history. Windows XP SP2 and the COM+ 1.5 Rollup Package 6 will fix that and will bring COM+ 1.5 pretty much on par with Windows Server 2003.”

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JetBrains Refactoring Plugin M2 Build

The M2 build (81) of the JetBrain's refactoring plugin for VS.NET is now available for download.

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Chris Pratley on Patents, GPL, and Microsoft

Chris has a great post mainly discussing pattents and GPL. Highly recommended reading.

Some people asked about how I feel towards open source, and more specifically how I would feel if someone created a word processor that implemented all of the ideas of Microsoft Word.

Well, open source has many flavors. To the extent that open source is about people working together, contributing their time and effort to build something, I think its great. That's what I do all day too after all. In the case of open source, the contributors may or may not get paid for their work - that's a personal choice on their part (just as it is personal choice for me to give some of the money I earn to charity). Because some people choose to give to a community in this way doesn’t make their activity any more virtuous than those who choose to give in another way in my mind. ...“


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MIT Student Makes MPAA Leader Look Like A Moron

This interview is great. It shows just how ignorant the people that are passing laws like the DMCA are:

“...TT: Okay, let’s take a different example. Four years ago, you said that people who use Linux, which is about a million to two million people, who want to play DVDs, should get licensed DVD players and that those would be on the market soon.

JV: And we have those now.

TT: But today, you still cannot on the market actually buy a licensed DVD player for Linux.

JV: I didn’t know that


TT: So the question is, if I just want to watch a movie--I rent it from Blockbuster--is that bad?

JV: No, that’s not bad.

TT: Then why should it be illegal?

Rich Taylor, MPAA public affairs: It’s not. ... You could put it in a DVD player, you could play it on any computer licensed for it.

JV: There’s lots of machines you can play it on.

TT: None under Linux. There’s no licensed player under Linux.

JV: But you’re trying to set your own standards.

TT: No, you said four years ago that people under Linux should use one of these licensed players that would be available soon. They’re still not available -- it’s been four years.

JV: Well why aren’t they available? I don’t know, because I don’t make Linux machines.

Let me put it in my simple terms. If you take something that doesn’t belong to you, that’s wrong. Number two, if you design your own machine, you can’t fuss at people, because you’re one of just a few. How many Linux users are there?

TT: About two million.

JV: Well, I can’t believe there’s not any -- there must be a reason for... Let me find out about that. You bring up an interesting question -- I don’t know the answer to that... Well, you’re telling me a lot of things I don’t know. “


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