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Firefox Plugin - Greasemonkey

Cool Firefox Extension from YoungPup: Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any webpage to change it's behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a webpage's style, user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a webpage's design or interaction.

It's kind of a more organized approach to site-specific bookmarklets. I've done some right-click context menu extensions in IE to work around problems / annoyances in intranet apps before; this would be perfect for that kind of thing.

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There are already some useful scripts available:


You can manage which pages a script is associated with by going to Tools > Manage User Scripts

Source: YougPup


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Spoken like a true junkie. Feel free to post anything you'd like in the comments here while you wait for the DNJ weblogs to come back online...

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