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[OT] My rockstar wife is on tour...

Danielson Famile
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Give it up for the mother of two who gets to go on tour (and Grandma, who's watching the two)!

Rachel's on the tour with The Danielson Famile (tour dates here, some songs on MySpace) until June 11:
6-2 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill**
6-3 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
6-4 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah w/Goblin ***
6-5 - Tucson, AZ - Solar Culture
6-6 - Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts
6-8 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kayo Gallery
6-9 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive *
6-10 - Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
6-11 - Indianapolis, IN - Harrison Center for The Arts
(The band's on tour the rest of the summer)

They're in Portland, Oregon tonight at the Loveland. I'm gonna drive up and see her in San Francisco on Friday at the Bottom of the Hill - cool place.

Then she's back in my world, the one where crazy stuff has been going down. Her car got towed as I was dropping her off at the airport due to a DMV screwup that became my problem, my car got broken into in our driveway, and I even managed to explode a Pyrex container due to some crazy heat differential disaster while roasting lamb chops yesterday. I hope I survive until she returns...

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. I just like saying "My wife? Oh, she's on tour..."
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Must read .NET dev blog - Ayende

I stumbled across Ayende's site in February looking for an NHibernate UI. His NHibernate Query Analyzer's pretty nice - check out the Flash demo. I was blown away by Ayende's blog, though, and it's been one of my favorites since then.

Ayende1 wrote back in April about Blog Driven Development: Code a little -> Test a little -> Blog a lot. And when he says a lot, he means it - he averages more than 75 posts a month, and it's all really solid technical content. He's a one man coding army. Lately he's had some great SQL stuff, OR/M and NHibernate, TDD, and tons of great C# code. 

I've noticed that Ayende's been showing up in Jason Haley's Interesting Finds lately and K. Scott Allen (OdeToCode) has been having fun with his SQL challenges, so word's getting out. Beat the rush and subscribe now!

1 Ayende's real name is apparently Oren. Not sure what the deal is there.

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Windows Media Player 11 (Beta) available for public download

As promised, WMP 11 Beta is available for public download here. It was leaked a few days ago, but this is the official Microsoft release.

What struck me is that this is the default version on the WMP download page. Normally MS is a bit more cautious with Beta releases - they're available, but never the default. I'm a beta junkie, so this doesn't worry me at all, but it's an interesting shift in MS's generally cautious release approach. Keeping up with the Joneses?
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Mentioned on DotNetRocks

I e-mailed the DotNetRocks guys a few months ago about Kim Cameron, they guy behind Microsoft's new Identity initiative. They interviewed him on DotNetRocks Episode 176 (4/25/06) and read my e-mail about the show on episode 177. Bottom line - my e-mail prompted the interview. Cool!

Kim Cameron is soft-spoken, but he's got a very imporant message. He was one of Microsoft Passport's more vocal critics, and Microsoft's leadership was very wise to respond to his criticism by hiring him. InfoCard is Passport done right because it's totally different. InfoCard isn't "Son of Passport", it's the Passport slayer. Passport was a single sign-on system, but InfoCard is an identity meta-system that helps you maintain control of your identity and present portions of it when and where you want. A decidely non-sexy topic, but it's going to revolutionize what we can do on the internet. Carl and Richard did a great job with the interview - who woulda thunk a discussion on digital identity could be fun?

Grab yourself a double espresso, crank the DNR interview - you can skim Kim's Laws of Identity while you listen. If you're still lookin' for more, you can check out Kim's IdentityCard demo. Here's The Gillmor Gang show that first introduced me to Kim Cameron back in 2004.

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