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September 2010 - Posts

Guest on the first episode of Jesse Liberty’s new podcast:

I was privileged to be invited to join Jesse Liberty on the inaugural YetAnotherPodcast show, hosted by Jesse Liberty. Jesse brings a fascinating viewpoint to the software development discussion, because:

  • He’s very experienced – he’s been programming for a long time, and has been writing books (like this bestselling C++ book,  apparently used by the early Egyptians) for quite a while, but
  • He’s managed to keep on the cutting edge throughout his career, through .NET, Silverlight, and now Windows Phone 7 development
  • He’s a total crackup, sometimes intentionally

Jesse and I work on the same team at Microsoft, and I always enjoy talking to him. I was happy to hear he wanted to start a new podcast, and enjoyed helping him get set up. Here’s the pitch:

This is not your momma’s podcast.

Here are my guiding principles:

  1. Do not waste the listener’s time
  2. This is not radio
  3. Discuss, don’t interview
  4. Focus, focus, focus

These half dozen principles lead to the following decisions (every one of which may change over time!)

  • Focus: Our central topic will be Windows Phone 7, with secondary topics including Silverlight, Programming and Best Practices
  • Not Radio: No intro, no outro, no bumbers, no announcer
  • Don’t Waste The Lister’s Time: The shows run as long as they take.  No fixed format.  Count on something between 20 and 40 minutes, except when they are longer or shorter.
  • Discuss:  Lots of guests, but no interviews, no canned questions, lots of real programmers discussing real issues
  • Don’t Waste The Listener’s time:  Useful information or shut up.

Jesse and I spent the first episode talking about ALT.NET and Open Source, and he’s posted a second episode with Erik Mork about Windows Phone 7. Now how about a John Papa episode to get the “bald guy league of justice” trifecta?

Yet Another Podcast Show #1 – Alt dot net & Open Source [mp3]
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