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June 2012 - Posts

"Learning To Love HTML and CSS (for grumpy developers)" Presentation From NDC 2012

This year at NDC 2012 I gave a presentation titled Learning to love HTML and CSS (for grumpy developers).

This is a bit of a stretch - and a nice change - for me. Usually I give code / demo heavy presentations on server-side development in ASP.NET, but this was a fun opportunity for me to talk about something that's near and dear to my heart: applying the software craftsmanship aesthetic to HTML.

Summary: Remember what happened when we stopped treating Javascript as a hacky scripting language and used "the good parts?" What happens when we do the same with HTML?

I'll be speaking more on this topic in the future, so I'm happy for any feedback.

Video (Vimeo)

Slides (Slideshare)

You'll miss out on some easter eggs if you just flip through the slides here, but they'll show the general idea.

June Azure Events: Meet Windows Azure (June 7), Learn Windows Azure (June 11), and worldwide DevCamps

I recently blogged about how I've moved to the Windows Azure Technical Evangelist team because I was excited about where the platform is headed. There are two great events coming up that explain why I think Azure is a pretty interesting platform: Meet Windows Azure on June 7th, followed by Learn Windows Azure on June 11th.

To quote the Windows Azure blog: "Think you know Windows Azure? Think again."

Meet Windows Azure - June 7

If you're not already signed up for Meet Windows Azure, do it now! Meet Windows Azure will be streaming live from San Francisco on June 7 at 1:00 PM PDT.

Scott Guthrie will introduce the latest in platform and language support, and increased flexibility for how you architect, build and deploy applications to the cloud. You’ll also hear from tech leaders like Twilio co-founder & CEO, Jeff Lawson, about building highly scalable web applications that enable great developer and end-user experiences.

Learn Windows Azure - June 11 at TechEd North America + streamed live

After you've seen what Scott's got up his sleeve at Meet Windows Azure, you're going to want to go a little deeper. Lucky for you, the Learn Windows Azure event is being streamed from TechEd 2012 in Orlando just a few days later, on June 11, from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM PDT.

Learn how to to build, deploy, and manage applications using Windows Azure with sessions delivered by Microsoft technical leaders Scott Guthrie, Mark Russinovich, Quentin Clark, and Bill Staples!

Add to your calendar | Session details

Windows Azure DevCamps

Following those two events, we've got a series of worldwide Windows Azure DevCamps that give you a full day of Windows Azure goodness, including a full day of in depth presentations and fresh new hands on lab content.

This is a snapshot of some of the upcoming camps, the up to date list is at http://www.devcamps.ms/windowsazure/schedule

I bolded the two I'll be speaking at: Buenos Aires on June 14 and Sao Paulo on June 18.

Where When Do It
Hellerup, Denmark 12-Jun-12 Register Here
Buenos Aires, Argentina 14-Jun-12 Register Here
Vienna, Austria 14-Jun-12 Register Here
Aarhus County, Denmark 14-Jun-12 Register Here
Madrid, Spain 15-Jun-12 Register Here
Sao Paulo, Brazil 18-Jun-12 Register Here
Sydney, Australia 19-Jun-12 Register Here
Phoenix, AZ, USA 19-Jun-12 Register Here
Paris, France 20-Jun-12 Register Here
Toronto, Canada 20-Jun-12 Register Here
Chennai, India 21-Jun-12 Registration Opening Soon
Auckland, NZ 21-Jun-12 Register Here
Frankfurt, Germany 21-Jun-12 Register Here
Chennai, India 21-Jun-12 Register Here
London, UK 22-Jun-12 Register Here
Tokyo, Japan 29-Jun-12 Register Here

These camps are free, but they do fill up - register quickly to make sure you get a seat.

An action packed June, right? Go register for the Meet and Learn events, and we'll see you at DevCamps!

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