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Generating EF Code First model classes from an existing database

Entity Framework Code First is a lightweight way to "turn on" data access for a simple CLR class. As the name implies, the intended use is that you're writing the code first and thinking about the database later. However, I really like the Entity...

Subtext 2: OpenID Login Support

The recent Subtext 2 release includes a feature I worked on: OpenID login support. Let’s take a quick look at how you use it, then we’ll talk about the how the code works and why it’s a useful feature. What’s OpenID? I’m a big fan of digital identity...

Ten Tips for a Happy Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 (Release)

Visual Studio 2008 has been out for over a week. I've upgraded three machines (two Vista, one XP) from Beta 2 to RTM, then upgraded a couple of projects. I've also been watching blog posts and listening in at the Twitter water-cooler to hear about other...

Creating Zip archives in .NET (without an external library like SharpZipLib)

Overview SharpZipLib provides best free .NET compression library, but what if you can't use it due to the GPL license? I'll look at a few options, ending with my favorite - System.IO.Packaging. SharpZipLib is good, but there's that GPL thing SharpZipLib...

Silverlight 1.1 (Alpha) cross domain webservice access makes mashups tricky

Any web mashups, by definition, require cross-domain calls. Those cross-domain calls may happen on the client (in the browser) or on the server. Regardless of the client technology (AJAX, Flash, Silverlight, etc.), cross domain calls on the client are...
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Some keyboard input tricks for Silverlight 1.1 (Alpha)

Here are a few tricks I learned while doing my "hello world" maze game in Silverlight 1.1 . Silverlight doesn't fire the KeyDown event for cursor (arrow) keys However, just about all keys will fire a KeyUp event. In my case, I was able to just handle...
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VB.NET vs. C#, round 3?

VB.NET gets a hard time from C# developers. For a variety of reasons, the leading .NET programmers seem to be working in C# , and VB.NET developers get really tired of saying, "Hey, VB.NET can do that, too!" The VB crowd's got something new to talk about...
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CodePlex is adding support for <strike>Subversion</strike> TortoiseSVN

I just heard that CodePlex is adding support for TortoiseSVN with an estimated release date of June 5 . UPDATE: Newer comments make it look like they are just setting up a bridge from TortoiseSVN to TFS. Not clear... Although the information just says...
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MIX07 - WCF adding System.UriTemplate, [WebGet], and [WebInvoke]

System.UriTemplate Build and parse URI's System.UriTemplate (Orcas) - runtime support for URI template syntax UriTemplate.Bind - A safe, smart string.format for URI construction UriTemplate.Match - Extracts URI to dictionary UriTemplateTable - One or...
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Sending files via the default e-mail client

I recently released a "Send To Email" plugin for Cropper, which makes it easy to grab a portion of your screen and send it as an e-mail attachment. It's easy enough to directly send an e-mail in .NET using System.Net.Mail , but there's no provision for...
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