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8 Windows Live Writer tips

Windows Live Writer really is an amazing application. It does one job really, really well. I've been using it on several blogs including this one (running on Community Server, Herding Code podcast (running on Wordpress). I've also used it to manage content...

Excerpt Old Posts - A WordPress Plugin to get around the Feedburner 512K Limit

Summary If you've got a WordPress blog and use Feedburner, you may notice that the posts stop updating. It's often due to a limitation on Feedburner that stops updating if your feed exceeds 512K. I wrote a simple plugin called Excerpt Old Posts that fixes...
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No, you're crazy! (or, the problem with assuming that computer programmers have all that much in common)

Five Non-Essential Phone Screen Questions Which Tell Me Nothing Jeff Atwood recently linked Steve Yegge's post on Five Essential Phone-Screen Questions . My first impression was that it was horrible advice. For reference, here's the five areas which Steve...

The Man Who Knew Too Much?

I've been thinking about the odd problem, and what can be done about it. I've found that more active participation in a group can lead to more information, but that new information can actually stifle further participation . Here are some of the problems...
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Three posts a week - my new year's resolution

I'll pass my 5 year blogging anniversary this year. I've written over 520 posts. But, I'd like to be more consistent. So this year, I'm resolving to post three times a week. I'll give myself an exemption when I'm on vacation, which explains why I'm posting...
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Adding a DotNetKicks image via Javascript

Update: This post is pretty old. While it still works, I'd recommend doing this with jQuery now. Chris Pietschmann wrote a followup with a jQuery implementation , so go check that out. About DotNetKicks DotNetKicks is a nice social bookmarking system...

New Cropper Plugins Release (includes Flickr, OneNote, TinyPic)

Patrick Altman added his plugins to the Cropper Plugins bundle out on CodePlex . His SendToFlickr plugin has become an essential part of my blogging routine - I grab portions of the screen directly to Flickr, then add them to posts with the Flickr4Writer...
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Animated GIF Plugin for Cropper + some .NET Animated GIF code

WHAT'S ALL THIS, THEN? Cropper is a great free screen capture program. It has a cool plugin system which lets you send the screenshots anywhere you can write code to send it. I wrote a plugin to save a portion of the screen to an Animated GIF . I...
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Subscription updates for my blog

If you subscribe to my weblog's RSS feed (rather than the main feed ), you'll need to update it to my new feedburner feed link: While I'm at it, if you'd like to get my posts via...
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Motorcycle blogging from San Diego to the Arctic Circle

As Phil mentioned earlier, my brother Brian is blogging his motorcycle trip from San Diego, California to Deadhorse, Alaska . Blogging a long trip is getting routine, but what's interesting is that Brian's actually blogging from a computer / webcam /...
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