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FIX: WCF Data Service with Entity Framework Code-First DbContext doesn’t accept updates

Summary The Entity Framework Code First DbContext doesn’t expose the interfaces to support updates when exposed via WCF Data Services. Attempting to save changes results in a fault with the message "The data source must implement IUpdatable or IDataServiceUpdateProvider...
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Using Vista Previous Versions to Restore Files You Thought You'd Lost

I'm a big fan of being productive by not losing work. I don't care how optimized your system and development tools are; if you have to do work to get back to where you were at a half hour ago, you're going backwards. I've previously written about using...
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Ten Tips for a Happy Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 (Release)

Visual Studio 2008 has been out for over a week. I've upgraded three machines (two Vista, one XP) from Beta 2 to RTM, then upgraded a couple of projects. I've also been watching blog posts and listening in at the Twitter water-cooler to hear about other...

SQL Reporting Services - CSS fix for Firefox

SSRS 2005 is pretty slick, but the HTML is just terrible. Reports are displayed in an IFRAME that's deep in nested table land, and the IFRAME's height setting only works in IE. The end result is that reports don't display correctly in Firefox...
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Get VS.NET 2003 SP1 Beta Now

VS.NET 2003 is about two years overdue for SP1. If you don't want to wait until June (or thereabouts), you can apply to download it early through . In case the word "Beta" gives you the shivers, remember that SP1 is mostly a rollup...
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[fix] DotNetNuke SolPart menu positioning fix for Firefox

The admin dropdown menus in our DNN 3.1.1 sites haven't been working in FireFox - they show up in the upper left hand corner of the screen (absolutely positioned at 0,0). A javascript change (in spmenu.js) fixed it for us. I'm not sure if this somehow...

[fix] Killing the F-Lock on MS Keyboards (even under USB)

Summary None of the normal hacks to disable the F-Lock key on Microsoft keyboards work if you're connected via USB. The XML file at the end of this post corrects it. Long story version For some bizarre reason, the function keys (F1 through F12) on MS...
Posted by Jon Galloway | 6 comment(s)
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[Fix] View Style Information disabled on Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

Some of the tools in the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar extension require that you install Firefox with the Developer's Tools option. If the "View Style Information" menu option is disabled this means the Dom Inspector is not installed. Fix: 1. Uninstall...
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[fix] IIS Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred - Skype on Port 80

"Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred" is not a particularly helpful error message. It just means IIS can't start a website because port 80 is already in use. MS KB article 816944 has more info. A likely suspect is Skype, since it will use port 80 if...
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