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8 Windows Live Writer tips

Windows Live Writer really is an amazing application. It does one job really, really well. I've been using it on several blogs including this one (running on Community Server, Herding Code podcast (running on Wordpress). I've also used it to manage content...

Removing background noise in Audacity by differencing stereo channels

While at NDC13 this June, K Scott and I (joined by Rob Conery as honorary guest host) recorded a lot of Herding Code podcasts in a cool podcast booth. It was an interesting audio challenge. The conference provided us some great audio equipment - nice...
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Zenbook UX31 as a Windows 8 laptop

I've written two previous reviews of a Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook. Short summary: I really like the form factor, build quality performance, and battery life. Here's a final review with a look at Zenbook as a longterm Windows 8 laptop. Installing Windows 8...
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Performant isn't a word

Last month I finished writing a lot of the "Performance" chapter for our ASP.NET book. I used the word performant quite a bit, and was a little surprised when the editorial review told me that performant isn't a word . I didn't believe it, but after some...
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Not really into Pokemon

Having trouble keeping up with the ever increasing torrent of new technologies? Randall Munroe has a pretty helpful tip - when you're not sure, use the Pokemon defense .

Code Puzzle #1 - Solution

If you haven't read the puzzle, you can read more about it on my previous post . The questions: (Answer this first) Take a guess - how many numbers do you think there are between 1 and 1 million that are divisible by their reverse. Any? Fifty? A thousand...

Code Puzzle #1 - What numbers under one million are divisible by their reverse?

The other day I got stuck waiting in a slow line at the store all hopped up on espresso and breakbeat , so I started trying to think of numbers which are evenly divisible by their reverse. Example: If 721 were divisble by 127, I'd have a match. Yes...

Can Operating Systems tell if they're running in a Virtual Machine?

Or, do androids know they're dreaming of electric sheep... There was some recent news on Windows Vista EULA restrictions relating to Virtual Machines . Vista Home Editions aren't allowed to be run inside a Virtual Machine, and Vista Ultimate in...

[OT] Getting stupid with Smart Art in PowerPoint 2007

Sure, you've seen the Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation . You may have even seen the Death Start Attack PowerPoint, or David Byrne's PowerPoint fueled artwork . PowerPoint has always been there when we needed our bullet points to say something...
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Sometimes it's easier to just hex edit the assembly

Summary PalPal's Single Item Purchase links are not technically valid - the query portion of the URL doesn't start with a question mark. This confuses ASP.NET 2.0's Response.Redirect(url) call, which causes the return URL to be malformed....
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