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Why not an Expression Query Language?

Regular Expressions are extremely powerful and ugly as all hell .[1] Even with comments and a good RegEx IDE like the Regulator , they're total gibberish. Why not a RegEx 2006 with a more readable syntax? For instance, take a look this recent code snip...

Your system has no paging file...

My computer crashed hard a week ago. I repaired the Windows install, but since then I've been getting the following message when any of the three interactive users logs on: Limited Virtual Memory Your system has no paging file, or the paging file is too...

[feature request] Podcasting Client Audio Post-Processing

I'm mildly interested in Podcasting . I've been test-driving it for a week and will probably post my obligatory YAPO (Yet Another Podcasting Opinion) writeup soon. I think it's safe to say that Podcasting is a kind of useful application of RSS to simplify...
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[feature request] URL's with offsets -

Adobe's PDF Viewer, as much as it bugs me, does have one really cool feature I'd like to see spread - it allows you to link directly to a page within a PDF: <a href=" #page=42 "> see page 42 </a> Scott Hanselman...
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Outbound SMTP Proxy?

The company I'm working at is having to go through each application that sends e-mails and verify compliance with CAN SPAM . One of the requirements is a corporate opt out system that ensures once someone has opted out, they will never get an e-mail from...
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Knoppix Linux "Live CD" with Mono?

Knoppix is pretty cool - a Linux fling with no committment, runs completely off a CD (your C:\ won't suspect a thing!). It'd be even cooler if it came with Mono , though... I'd love to see my c# code running on Linux. Anyone know of a "Live CD" Linux...
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