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Juice UI: Open source ASP.NET Web Forms components for jQuery UI widgets

This morning at MVP Summit, Scott Hunter just announced a new open source project from appendTo called Juice UI . Juice UI is a collection of Web Forms components which make it incredibly easy to leverage jQuery UI widgets in ASP.NET Web Forms applications...

Converting a Powershell script to a NuGet command

Last week I posted about the NuGet.Downloader package, which had begun life as a Powershell script. If you've got a Powershell commands that you'd like to make available in NuGet packages, here's how. Write Powershell scripts that are easy to convert...
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Nuget.Downloader package - Download a local NuGet repository using Nuget

NuGet supports multiple feeds, running against either a server or a simple folder / fileshare. See Phil Haack's post explaining both options for more information. I'm a big believer in running your own local NuGet feed for a lot of reasons - offline access...
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Downloading a local NuGet repository with PowerShell

Update : This is now available as a NuGet package - NuGet.Downloader . Background NuGet is a great way to add packages - libraries, content, and other dependencies - to your applications. It shipped with ASP.NET MVC 3 and WebMatrix, but you can use it...
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