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Two great Kickstarter projects ending soon: Durandal JavaScript framework and bitCommander File Manager

I like Kickstarter. It's not a store, it's an easy way to help fund creative projects. You back projects you find exciting at different reward levels, and then follow along with the project's progress. I blogged about the AGENT watch last June and was...
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8 Windows Live Writer tips

Windows Live Writer really is an amazing application. It does one job really, really well. I've been using it on several blogs including this one (running on Community Server, Herding Code podcast (running on Wordpress). I've also used it to manage content...

[Utility] TeraCopy removes the file copy pain from Windows Vista

Last September, I asked why aren't Windows file copies restartable ? It's a huge productivity killer - and very frustrating - when you're copying a large file from a network share or over a VPN and the copy fails when it was 80% complete. At that point...
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Inkscape to support XAML export

Today, Adam Kinney gave me the tip off to some cool news: Inkscape is adding XAML export . Great, what's Inkscape ? Glad you asked! Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor, like Adobe Illustrator. Rather than drawing in pixels (like you'd do...

Ten Tips for a Happy Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 (Release)

Visual Studio 2008 has been out for over a week. I've upgraded three machines (two Vista, one XP) from Beta 2 to RTM, then upgraded a couple of projects. I've also been watching blog posts and listening in at the Twitter water-cooler to hear about other...

CSSVista - Edit your CSS code live on both Internet Explorer and Firefox

CSS editing is extremely frustrating without immediate feedback. Until a few years ago, you didn't really have a choice: you typed some CSS, you refreshed the page, you tried to figure out what was wrong, repeat until you hopefully got it working. Then...

YOD'M 3D - Multiple Desktops for Windows

One of the coolest things I saw at MIX07 was on a Linux computer. Miguel was showing us something on his laptop when all of a sudden the desktop turned into a cube and started spinning around. Miguel told us it was Compiz , which has been available for...
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Cropper Plugins 1.1 release

We lost the everything but my local source copies for our CropperPlugins when gypsies stole the CodePlex TS02 server , which slowed us down a bit. Patrick Altman got the server back in order and added a cool new "Send to Amazon S3" plugin. We've also...
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New Cropper Plugins Release (includes Flickr, OneNote, TinyPic)

Patrick Altman added his plugins to the Cropper Plugins bundle out on CodePlex . His SendToFlickr plugin has become an essential part of my blogging routine - I grab portions of the screen directly to Flickr, then add them to posts with the Flickr4Writer...
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CropperPlugins on CodePlex

Cropper is my favorite screenshot application because it supports plugins. I've published a few over the years - Capture to AVI and Capture to Animated GIF. My favorite plugin is one that I didn't write - Patrick Altman's Send To Flickr plugin . Now that...
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