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Jon's News Wrapup - June 25, 2008 Edition

Development Tools Here's the grab bag of tools, development toolkits, etc. url live.sysinternals.com Run Sysinternals utilities directly off the internet without having to install them. You can browse to them at http://live.sysinternals.com or open them...

Inkscape to support XAML export

Today, Adam Kinney gave me the tip off to some cool news: Inkscape is adding XAML export . Great, what's Inkscape ? Glad you asked! Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor, like Adobe Illustrator. Rather than drawing in pixels (like you'd do...

Silverlight doesn't require any JavaScript

Summary It's easier to understand Silverlight when you understand that, at its heart, it's a simple browser plug-in. JavaScript is extremely useful for browser detection, and it's the only way to interact with Silverlight 1.0, but JavaScript not at all...
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