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My Boot-to-VHD experiment: found some tips, like it, but still haven’t found VM nirvana

Summary Windows 7’s Boot to VHD works as advertised – native speed, virtual machine flexibility. I came up with some tips and tricks which you might find useful Having to reboot without hibernate to switch to the VHD machine means it’s a lot less useful...

Windows 7 RTM – Faster Download, Better Upgrade

Here are some quick tips now that Windows 7 is up on MSDN: Faster download Download via the MSDN Top Downloads link instead of the MSDN File Transfer Manager. The MSDN Top Downloads are delivered via Akamai, and my download speeds jumped from 200KB/s...
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Windows 7 Betta

I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta 1 for a week now and really like it. But I’d been looking at desktop for a few days before someone pointed out the little “desktop Easter egg”. Here’s the desktop: See it? Kirstin Juhl pointed it out on Twitter : OK.....
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