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//TODONT: Use a Windows Service just to run a scheduled process

A common requirement in business application is a scheduled process - call a webservice, process the data, and FTP the results to a business partner, for instance. Developers kick around possible solutions - BizTalk's overkill, DTS won't handle it well...
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isIE=document.all; //only kind of true

Internet Explorer 4 used document.all['elementName'] to refer to document elements while waiting for the W3C standard, which turned out to be document.getElementById('elementName') . IE 5 and above, plus all other modern standards based browsers, all...

Joel got it wrong - Why learning C is a waste of your college time and money

Back in January, Joel Spoelsky wrote a Career Advice column. It gave some generally good advice to college students, the main points being: Learn how to write before graduating. Learn C before graduating. Learn microeconomics before graduating. Don't...
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