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Philadelphia Area Event by Jason N. Gaylord

I just wanted to let individuals in the Philly area know of an event tonight. It's called the Philly FUNNFest ( ). The event includes many non-profit organizations in the area. At the Northeast Pennsylvania FUNNFest this year, my...


Whidbey Details From VSLive! by Jason N. Gaylord

I'm not sure who saw the post before, but Julie Lerman posted awhile back about a VB.NET Whidbey Demo Video ( ). If you didn't know already, VSLive! in Orlando was this past week. During VSLive!...


CIS 263: Week 1 by Jason N. Gaylord

Surprisingly, week 1 is already here and gone. Overall it has been a very simple week. The ClassKnowledge app is starting to take some shape and the class will be able to fully access it by this coming Monday’s class. The app is similar to a Linux...

Comments Beta by Jason N. Gaylord

Today I released my personal website in beta format. After the final compilation last night, it is version I've included my ASP.NET Blog, my SQL Junkies Blog, my ASPAlliance Articles, and my college courses. I also listed some key partner sites...

VB vs C#: Case 1 by Jason N. Gaylord

After creating a few controls in C#, I will admit that C# does come more fluent. However, I found something in C# that I completely despise. For VB programmers that didn't already know, C# likes everything in lowercase. There is no String, it is string...


Error Using Templates by Jason N. Gaylord

Today I was creating a custom template for a DataGrid (something I don't do too often). I created one template and it worked just fine. On my second template I received an error: Key can not be null. Parameter name: key So, I began investigating. Of course...
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