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Outlook Add-On for Google Apps? by Jason N. Gaylord

I just read an interesting article where Cemaphore is creating an add-on application for Google Apps. It's an interesting concept. I haven't messed with the Office Online options yet to see if the Microsoft team has something similar. If they don't, this...


My ESPN Fan Profile and Blog by Jason N. Gaylord

I'm moving my sports blog from MSN Live Spaces over to ESPN. Hopefully ESPN will release an RSS aggregate for the blog posts, but for now, you can add me to your fan profile here: .


FBI Purchased $3.5 Million Counterfeit CISCO Parts by Jason N. Gaylord

I just came across a post that the FBI purchased 3500 counterfeit CISCO parts (estimated at $3.5 million in value). This goes under my "funny, but not funny" category of the day. :) Here's the full article: .


VS 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 SP1 Beta Available Now by Jason N. Gaylord

Soma just posted that SP1 for VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 is available. The full blog post on his site is at .


Word Now Supports DAISY XML by Jason N. Gaylord

You can now download an add-on for Microsoft Word that supports DAISY XML, the Digital Accessible Information System standard for accessible translation. The add-on reads the word document to individuals. Like most accessibility projects, there are still...
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TECHbash in 3 Days - Get your Swag here! by Jason N. Gaylord

We're coming down the home stretch to TECHbash 2008. 90% of the prep work is complete. Wow do we have some swag to giveaway. Each attendee will receive a SWAGbag with an event t-shirt, pen, and notepad. In addition, we'll be raffling off 41 books, 5 copies...


Dell is 24 Years Old by Jason N. Gaylord

Have you visited yet today? Dell is 24 years old. Sometimes when you deal with a company for so long, you forget about some of the good (and bad) things that they have done in the past. It's nice to use these lists when you reconsider that company...

Bad SQL Mistake For One Forum Goer by Jason N. Gaylord

This isn't funny, but it is. It should be a daily WTF. Wally just sent me this forum post where someone deleted a little more than anticipated. It sounds like this guy can be in quite a lot of trouble...


Xobni Goes Public, But Still In Beta by Jason N. Gaylord

Xobni went public recently offering it's beta tool for download at . Xobni, inbox spelled backwards, is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook. I've been using it with Outlook 2007 for quite some time and appreciate it's usability. I like being...


Need To Set Bounds for onscroll to Work by Jason N. Gaylord

Sonu Kapoor over at has, not only a great site, but also some great AJAX controls. He's always looking to improve his controls and today he stumbled across something. He was working on a prototype where he had a div nested inside of...
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