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ASP.NET Podcast: Routing with ASP.NET by Jason N. Gaylord

Wally is at it again (finally). He just released his latest podcast after being away since mid-August. Anyway, his podcast is about a new feature in ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 (formerly the ASP.NET 3.5 extensions) called Routing. Routing can be done using System...


My Syndication at FeedBurner – Using Your Domain by Jason N. Gaylord

Awhile back, one of my friends over at Telligent , Scott Watermasysk , posted a message regarding FeedBurner and hosting your own RSS feeds . FeedBurner is a web application owned by Google that hosts syndicated feeds and provides statistics based on...


DirecTV Needs Staging and Testing by Jason N. Gaylord

As a software developer, you know that best practices recommend testing and even staging environments. Evidently, DirecTV lacks that or is really missing something. Sometime today, they released a software update that sent nearly all of their HD receivers...


Debugging ASP.NET MVC Routing by Jason N. Gaylord

One of the most critical pieces to MVC is routing users to the proper controller. During the development process, you must keep in mind that routes will take users to the first pattern that matches. It’s not that difficult to create patterns that are...

Microsoft MVP… Again! by Jason N. Gaylord

I just received word that I’ve been awarded with the Microsoft MVP award for ASP.NET for 2009. I’ve been a Microsoft MVP since 2003. It’s always nice to receive the MVP award, but it’s even better to see the impact that you have on the community. Six...
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