Crystal Reports Merge Modules for Visual Studio 2008

Since SAP purchased Business Objects for $6.7 billion in 2007, Crystal Reports deployment for Microsoft Visual Studio has become more difficult to deploy. Instead of choosing a built-in merge module, you now much visit the SAP site and download the necessary files for your environment.

I guess it’s time to begin moving reports over to a different format.


  • Hi Jason.

    There are good reporting solutions including:

    * Telerik Reporting
    * DevExpress Report Suite
    * SQL Server Reporting Services

    Which I've used. I'm not sure if Telerik Reportin can run in medium trust but a while back they couldn't. I think they can now, but like I said, I'm not sure.

    Best regards,
    Jose Guay

  • "more difficult to deploy": note the "more" part, its important, because it was already difficult ;)

    Its long past the time when everyone should have switched away from Crystal

  • Yes, I've found Crystal to be painful and now that I'm upgrading an old VB6 project using Crystal I researched other tools.

    I'm going with the DevExpress reporting product which is easy to use and deploy and the support has bee great even though I'm only using the trial version currently.

  • hi,

    i also feel that crystal deployment is very painful...
    Other tools are maybe more easy to deploy but their design view is not comfortable as crystal reports.

    i tried Dev Express reporting tool but it has bugs on design view.

  • i need for this solution???????

  • Ups, I'm terrified by that I reading here. I had a long and painful process migrating a proj. from vb6 to .net, including crystal reports, and now I see that is almost imposible to deploy... ughh....

  • Agree! SAP has done a huge job to loose lots of cr fans. Including myself!
    After 200 hours working around how to deploy cr with a small .net app, the solution was deploy almost 50 mb of the entire merge modules offered by SAP. Its insane!

  • Yeah crystal reports is pretty lame, hard to deploy and a royalty fee to go with it. I use Active Reports now and have to say it is much more pleasent and easy to work with...


  • Crystal reports merge modules for visual studio 2008.. He-he-he :)

  • Crystal reports merge modules for visual studio 2008.. Neat :)

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