GoDaddy Denies My Using ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions

I have a domain that I was going to use for a little while as I attempt to sell my home. I registered it with GoDaddy knowing they have .NET support. However, I should have read a little futher into the shared hosting specs. Apparently, GoDaddy only supports ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 and does not support any of the later frameworks. I sent them an email asking them if there was a box they could move me to that had 3.5 and they said no and that it's "not something we are planning on implementing at this time." Surely I'm confused. Oh well. I guess I'll have to move it elsewhere. That turned me off of doing any business with GoDaddy in the future.


  • GoDaddy's hosting is cheap, but it comes at a different cost, flexibility. I highly recommend you try out they always have the latest MS beta stuff available and setup took less than 30 minutes.

  • I know is good but if you need more than just a single site hosted I would certainly recommend: - I've been using them for over a year now and never had a problem + support is fast if not instant :)

  • Surely you can't expect shared hosting companies to have deployed a less than 1 month old technology at this point? VS 2008 has not even officially been released yet. Most of these types of companies won't upgrade until a new version of their control panel ships with included support. That is how they keep it so cheap - one size fits all.

    You want to customize it, get a VPS server somewhere and you can put whatever you want on it.

  • CrystalTech is offering ASP.NET 3.5. They have a very reasonable Value offering you could test with and upgrade to a higher level at anytime.
    No one is perfect but if I ever encounter a problem or have a question they are always prompt. Every time I call they answer the phone and get it resolved in a few minutes.

  • I second CrystalTech. I've hosted a few sites with them for a number of years and the service has been great !

  • I provide the exact same services at competative rates as well. I agree with Jason Short however. Being so new, hosting companies without the ASP speciality will adopt it much slower.

  • I'm not sure about trust in hosted environment, but I think you can compile your code down to 2.0. We have some old Win 2000 servers that cann't run .NET 3.0 let alone 3.5, but we compile it down to 2.0 and it works fine. Make a WebApplication, copy locally all of the 3.5 dlls (System.Core, System.linq...), then precompile the site using aspnet_compiler and copy the files up and it should work.
    I've not tried this with the ASP.NET 3.5 Extension stuff specifically, but the ASP.NET 3.5 LINQ works on 2.0.
    Good luck

  • Jason Short is right: it's not realistic to expect them to have it deployed already. It's too new. Some companies that are small, or that focus specifially on having the latest MSFT technology, will have it. But a company with as much surface area as GoDaddy will wait until they can offer it *and support it* correctly, which includes upgrading their control panel to support it as well in addition to actually installing it on the servers.

    As Jason said, "That is how they keep it so cheap - one size fits all."

    They'll offer soon, I'm sure, but it's not as simple as installing it on a server.

  • Hey, you've got to give GoDaddy credit. Alicia R. posted a very polite response reasonably quick. I love to see that kind of responsiveness in a company.

    Makes me glad I have my blog hosted through them. :)

  • I've had pretty bad experience with Godaddy too. I created a website that had a spider to collect data from some other sites. It used to store all exceptions/errors in a txt report file.

    They disabled the write permission on my web space and didn't enable it back in spite of many reminders.

    My website also seemed to get slower with each passing day.

    Finally I gave up on Godaddy and moved to a better host.

    If you're looking for cheap server deals, I've had a very good experience with

    You Don't GoDaddy


  • I actually emailed GoDaddy myself, and this is the response I received:

    We do not support .NET 3.0 or 3.5 libraries on our shared hosting accounts. This is because .NET 3.0 and 3.5 requires a Full Trust environment, while we support Medium Trust on our shared servers per Microsoft's recommendation.

  • you just have to get your own dedicated box, at godady it is like $150 month and 1and1 like $180 month or at least a VPS where you have control to install what you need. I have so many environments running from .net, python (django), dnn,community server, red5, php (wordpress, django), ms sql , mysql, postgresql etc. It would be impossible using hosting. Trust me it is a worthwhile investment.

  • Alicia,

    It's great that GoDaddy will have 3.5 support soon - but how soon is soon? Can you give us a worst case scenario - 1 month? 2 months?

  • It doesn't show up in your account manager because the online help says that IIS7 and 3.5 is only available for "new hosting accounts", so the rest of us are screwed. Sounds like just another way for godaddy to mess with its customers. They will learn when people start jumping ship and heading to other web hosts because of the apparent lack of concern for an existing customer base.

  • It is very unfortunate that godaddy won't provide 3.5 for my shared account with them. I received the same "permissions" email from godaddy, so I think Alicia may be referring to non-shared accounts in terms of future 3.5 availability.

    I would recommend CrystalTech over "Discount" secound you add SQL Server, you're already paying $20+. I haven't worked with Discount, so the only disadvantage I can comment on is price, when comparing to CrystalTech's plans.

  • Alicia, also with .NET 3.5 on your shared hosting accounts at Go Daddy it is not possible to get write permissions on files in the application root directory or its subdirectories. I got this statement from technical support at Go Daddy.
    It is a serious problem for log files or VistaDB database files. The Medium Trust used by Go Daddy doesn’t need to be such restrictive.
    Also the remarks to change to virtual or dedicated server are not particularly helpful in this case.


  • Not sure if anybody is still having issues, but I haven't had any trouble using ASP.NET 3.5 with godaddy shared hosting. Plus, you can also use the ajax control tool kit as well.

  • It's good artice for me cause i've almost purchased hosting on GoDaddy. But I don't need troubles with Medium Trust and I need remote access to my SQL databases with Sql Management Studio.

  • I've been using godaddy since about a year (linux shared hosting) and did not have any problem until and was actually quite satisfied.
    Now I needed a windows shared hosting account and noticed that they do support the latest .net releases. What one must consider is that the trust level is "medium" by default and that prevents for example NHibernate to work properly due to ReflectionPermission exceptions. They do not increase the trust level for individual websites.

    did you actually sell your house? :)

  • please do not consider my previous comment as I was wrong. The trust level is by default set to medium but they STILL just offer up to 2.0 in shared hosting. my mistake.

  • It's good to discuss this issue on this page. It helped me and other people not to waste our time-and-money.

  • With a new account I tried every every trick I knew to get Linq running including remote access to my SQL databases with Sql Management Studio. Even including a SQL server database in my project with remote access turned on (through the Surface Manager) fails to allow a Linq connection. When I need to go Linq ORM I will just have to go to another ISP. 4 hours of testing is enough! Thank goodness my employer fully embraces Linq so I do not feel left out of the new technology.

  • I also got some space from But not able to view the aspx files. Something like "Bin folder has to converted". Godaddy is so complex unnecessaryly..

  • Bob@work is correct. Success!
    ... I created a Linq to Sql Server on Godaddy using a database I attached to the C# web project at the Godaddy site - and I am happy to report success! The dbmq created the Linq classes and allowed me to drag table onto it. With that the system createad the linq classes and provided an attach xml statment in the web config file.

  • You get what you pay for. I tried every which way to get EF to work @ GoDaddy, to no avail. The worst part was their inane responses. You DEFINITELY get what you pay for.

  • Godaddy denies my using asp net 3 5 extensions.. Awesome :)

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