Visual Studio 2008 Web Service Issue

I discovered an issue in VS 2008 Beta 2 that will most likely be an issue when the product goes to RTM. I notified Microsoft of the issue and they have pushed this back to VS 2008 SP1 because its so late in the development process. The issue is with adding a web service to a website. When adding a web service to a pre-existing website, a template for a web service is created. It will take VS 2008 to realize that the file has inline code. Then, when adding a snippet (right-click in the code window and choose Insert Snippet) that contains imports for a namespace, the namespaces are added at the top of the page like:

<%@ import namespace="System.Data" %>

instead of

using System.Data;

There is currently no resolution to this issue.


  • Hey Jason,

    I found a issue regarding web services also when developing application for smart device. VS2008 is able to retrieve the web reference/wsdl (it finds the service), but after added, the reference gets lost because VS2008 is not able to create the proxy for it. This happens systematically on a machine with only the VS2008 full installation (9.0.21022.8 RTM), but it apparently does not happen if you have also VS2005 installed.
    Yet I have no clue on what it could be...


  • Problem still occurs if you have VS2005 installed as well.
    Problem cannot be duplicated on VS2005 though.

    We upgraded to VS2008 and all my smart device projects are now hosed due to this problem.

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