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I’m Moving

For the last year or so, I have been maintaining two blogs, one here and one on I have decided to stop duplicating the content and just keep my personal site up and running.  Look for all the content regarding Microsoft .NET development, Arizona community events and Southeast Valley .NET User Group announcements there.

For those of you that have subscribed to the RSS feed for this site, the content will be redirected to the new site.

A November to Remember

And no it is not because the Yankees won the World Series (although congrats to them) it is because it has been an awesome month for me personally and professionally.

On the personal front…

My son’s baseball team, which I am an assistant coach, finished the season undefeated in regular season games (end of year tournament in next week).  My son hit his first over the fence homerun which was a Grand Slam (technically not November but pretty awesome). My daughter's softball team, which I am an assistant coach, finished the season undefeated in regular season games (end of year tournament in next week).

I get to go to fly back to NY in a few days to see family and friends and wish my mother a happy 60th birthday.

On the professional front…

I was elected to the North American INETA board of directors.

I was elected to the AZGiveCamp executive committee, VP of Operations.  As the VP I will oversee the activities of the Logistics, Sponsorship, Technology and Publicity teams.

I put together my first Code Camp, Desert Code Camp.

I am presenting a Bird of Feather session at PDC with Chris Woodruff on “How to Build and Enrich Your Technical and Local Community” on Tuesday Nov 17 from 11a – 12p.  Stop by if you want to see how to build your community.


That’s it for now.  Hopefully I can relax a bit in December.

Desert Code Camp – November 2009 Lessons Learned

My first Code Camp is done and I wanted to jot down some of the lessons I learned.

Bring EXTRA equipment! You will never now what people will want or need. Here’s a list of items that are good to have.

  • Adapters
    • DVI to VGA (those MACs)
    • HDMI to VGA
    • Multiple video to VGA
  • Mice
  • CAT5 cables
  • USB Cables
  • USB Flash drive


  • Speakers will cancel.  It is an unfortunate fact.
  • Don’t allow one speaker to speak at more than 3 sessions.  This reduces your risk in case of cancelation and prevents speaker fatigue.

Schedule.  Printed schedules are good to have and good to hang.  Also add speaker names to the presentations.

Name Tags. People like and want them.


  • WIFI is key.  A reliable and unobtrusive WiFi connection is best.
  • You need to be able handle last minute room changes


  • Make sure you provide the person(s) that are ordering the food explicit instructions on the food.
  • Try to have more than just pizza.
  • You should have vegetarian and vegan options.


And remember you are not going to be able to make EVERYONE happy.

Gangplank Jr Track at Code Camp Jr.

Got a kid interested in Technology?  Bring them to  the Gankplank Jr track at Code Camp Jr. taking place at Desert Code Camp.

Schedule for the day

Time Event
9:00 Registration
9:30 Programming with Scratch
9:45 Free time with Scratch
10:15 Kid free play time
10:45 Lego Mindstorm NXT
11:30 Lego Mindstorm NXT free play time
12:00 Lunch provided by Gangplank Jr.
Bakugan Tournament
1:00 Circuits
1:45 Free time with circuits and electronics
3:00 Wrap up
3:15 Free time with the computers

Computers will be provided, feel free to bring a laptop if you have.

Lunch will be provided by Gangplank Jr.

If you have any Ardunio sets or Lego Mindstorm NXT sets feel free to bring them.

Register to attend:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Joseph Guadagno

Recommended for kids from 4-18 years of age.

It is recommended that the kids are at reading age.

* Schedule is subject to change.

Desert Code Camp is back

The next Desert Code Camp is scheduled for Saturday November 7th, 2009 at DeVry University.  Great sessions, networking, food, and WIFI (yes WIFI) will be provided. So come out learn, teach, network. It will be great.


DeVry University
2149 W. Dunlap Ave (map)
Phoenix, Arizona 85021

Submit your talks, sessions, ideas for talks at the Desert Code Camp site.

On Twitter follow @DesertCodeCamp, @AZGroups, and @SEVDNUG for more information updates. Tweet up the event with the hashtag of #DCC09.

LaidOffCampPhx was a success!

Hats off to Rachel Reese for successfully organizing the first Laid Off Camp Phoenix. The event went smooth as could be.  I think the highlight of the event was watching all of the networking that went on during the event and after the event at Liberty Market.

Thanks to the sponsors below and all of the volunteers for contributing to the success of the event.

Below is a list of resources that were available in the program.

Curtis Miller took some picture of the event and posted them on Flickr.


Gilbert, AZ Economic Growth through innovation, collaboration and job-based economic development strategy.
Flatterline Purveyors of kick a$$ Web Development
Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert Stylish, Thoughtful, Savvy.
TekSystems The Leading Technology Staffing and Services Company
Gangplank Kryptonite for the Status Quo
Hire Flyer Services Find the right job. Without all of the work.
JC Printing Managing the Science of Printing


Phoenix Workforce Connection

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Resource for Job Seekers

HireFlyer Job Bank

Get a Freelancer

10 til 2

Working in Gilbert, Arizona


Perri Collins

Xanthe Horste

Charlene Kingston

Derek Neighbors

Evo Terra

Lorin Twaits

Debbie Walker

Ann Watson-Barber

Phoenix Geek Tag

Join us for the first PHX Geek Tag at Stratum LaserTagAll Phoenix Geeks, Marketers, Designers and such are invited. Three games are included in the price of $25.99 along with unlimited fountain drinks. After the socializing, and games are done, join us after the event for some drinks a dinner at Salty Senoritia's. This is not included in the price.  You will be responsible for your own food and drink.

There event has been rescheduled for August 24th.  please join us.

There is limited space available so please register in advance at:

Event Start End
Registration/ Socializing 6:00 PM 6:30 PM
Game 1 6:30 PM 6:50 PM
Game 2 7:00 PM 7:20 PM
Game 3 7:45 PM 8:05 PM

Then we head to Salty Senoritia's for some food an drink.

Tweet up the event with the Hashtag of #PHXGeekTag.

Being Appreciated

In the last two years I have been busy in the Phoenix, AZ area trying to strengthen the technology community by putting together conferences like the The Best of PDC 08, AZGroups Scott Guthrie event and lunches like TechLunchSouth.  Every once in a while I sit back and wonder if it is all worth?  Am I making a difference? What impact am I making on the Phoenix technology area.

Well to my surprise when I got back from my short family vacation is received a Thank You note in the mail. Here are the contents of the note.


I’d like to thank you or all your efforts that you put into developing the designer / .net / nerd community around here. Working at such a small shop, its a challenge for me to develop a network of peers & trusted resources. I’m not able to participate much, but the few events I’ve been able to attend are very beneficial.

With much appreciation for your time & effort,

J.A. (Name withheld)

So to J.A and the others that I have helped, you’re welcome! It’s nice to know that my work is helpful to some and being appreciated.

Phoenix Community Evangelists United

At Desert Code Camp this past Saturday, a bunch of community evangelists and community members got together (about 20) to talk about ways to improve the Arizona technology community. Here is a synopsis of what we talked about.

Desert Code Camp

For future Desert Code Camps, it would be nice to have a central place for the PowerPoint® slides and code samples.  There are too many locations to get the content.  In most cases, you will not know where to get the content unless you show up to the session.

In addition, at future code camps, attendees should receive a flyer or handout about the different users groups in the area plus upcoming events.

Meeting and Events


One of the biggest problems we seem to have is getting the word out for meetings or events. There are a few reasons for this, multiple calendars, multiple technologies, and community evangelists that do not know other community evangelists outside of their discipline.  There were three decisions that way made to hopefully alleviate this issue.

  1. The Google calendar at would be used to display all technology / business events in the state. If you do not have access to this calendar contact Scott Cate or myself to arrange access.
  2. All event organizers will forward event information to at least 3 other community evangelist who will in turn forward the event information to 3 other community evangelist.
  3. We will look into the way the Arizona Tech Council handles this, they send out monthly emails.
  4. We will look into getting our events listed on the AZIPA mailing list.

We talked about possible locations of potential bigger future events and user group meetings.  The following places were brought up as candidates.

For conferences, the Desert Willow Conference center (near the Buttes in Tempe).  This also could potentially serve as a future location of Desert Code Camp.

For user group meetings, Boulders on Broadway was mentioned as good place for small user groups meetings (if you do not mind the occasional noise).

Increase Attendance

We talked about ways to increase attendance at user group meetings and events. Most of the attendees said we need to get quality speakers but could not come up with a way to attract quality speakers. We also talked about looking into ways of getting talented speakers to speaker at more events / meetings and share their vast knowledge.

As a side note, some one brought up recording events to make them available to people who are not able to attend.  Most though that by having the events recorded would decrease the attendance.

Action Items

Although no one person was handed out any action items from the open forum there are a few action items that need to be done by all to keep the Arizona technology community growing.

  1. Constant communication between the community evangelists.  I suggest a mailing of the community evangelist, or potentially a monthly or quarterly meeting of community evangelist like we had a Desert Code Camp.
  2. Evangelize you own events and the events of others.
  3. Potentially create a site that list the user groups (of all technologies in Arizona) that can be searched.
  4. Look into having “Unconferences” in between the Desert Code Camps, one quarter we have a code camp, the next quarter we have an unconference, the a code camp, etc.


In closing, I would like to thank the wide variety of attendees from a wide array of technologies and disciplines that attended. I also would like to commend everyone one that participated and shared their thoughts in an open, honest and respectably way.

If you have any comments and/or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email via the contact me page.

Phoenix AZ Community Leaders Unite

This Saturday, June 13th, 2009, is the next Desert Code Camp. While I am co teaching on session on “Write your first desktop .net app (or, Write you own Twitter Client for .net)” with Saul Mora, I am heading up two community based sessions. the first session is open to the “general public” and is titled “Open forum with Community Leaders”. The intend of this session is to provide an open forum between the community members of Phoenix and the community leaders of Phoenix. So if you are a community leader, or are attending Desert Code Camp, stop by the session and share you thoughts and feedback on the technology community in Phoenix.  The second session is a “private invite only” session for the community leaders of ALL TECHNOLOGIES in the Phoenix area.  In this session, I want to get the community leaders together to talk about ways we can improve the technology community in Phoenix.  If you are interested in this session, please contact me jguadagno [ at ], I will forward you the room and time information once it is scheduled.

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