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  • ORM Comparison Part II

    Part II of the Southeast Valley .NET User Group ORM comparison happened yesterday.  It started off nice and calm but ended with a bang or two.  No there were no fight or arguments between the presenters or attendees but mother nature let loose on the Phoenix area last night.  Especially during Scott Cate's presentation that happened to be going over on time.  A huge thunder clap ended his presentation :) .  Represented at this part was LLBGen Pro, NHibernate, ActiveRecord, QuickObjects and EasyDB.

  • T-Mobile WiFi Calling

    A month or so ago I signed up for this new T-Mobile plan that allows you to use your cell / mobile phone to make unlimited calls from almost any WiFi connection.  The reason I say almost is because there are two types of WiFi connections it will not make, a secured WiFi network that you do not have the security key for and any "free" WiFi connections that require you to accept the terms of use (most public access points).  When I saw this deal I signed up almost immediately. The idea that you can be on the road using your normal cell phone tower and them walk in to you house and seamlessly have the call transferred to your wireless network was awesome. So I purchased four Samsung Katalyst T-739 phones which have WiFI / UMA calling built in and my journey began.

  • New Sitefinity tool created

    As some of you know, I have the Southeast Valley .NET User Group web site running on Telerik's Sitefinity product.  The product itself is awesome but needs a few features here an there... One of which is a mechanism to get data into Sitefinity quickly. Luckily, Sitefinity provides a pretty extensive API for you to develop against. So with some free time, the little I have, I put together a Data Importer tool for Sitefinity. This tool will allow you to import data from a Comma Separated file into any Sitefinity generic provider.