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Windows 7 Install Experience

On Friday, I downloaded Windows 7 beta, along with a million or so other people.  I must say the install experience was quite easy.  Here is what happens during the install.

For the first install I started with Virtual Box, I configured a machine with the following hardware:

  • 12mb of video memory
  • 1.2gb of memory
  • 10gb of hard drive

I ended up changing lots of the hardware settings for virtual machine.  The final configuration was

  • 128mb of video memory
  • 1.5gb of memory
  • 16gb hard drive

In the next couple of days, I will try and write about some of the new features of Windows 7 from a user perspective and development perspective.

The installation

Start: Installation started

Starting Windows

10 minutes into it: 1st dialog. Configure your language, time, currency and keyboard layout.

1st Dialog

11 minutes into it: 2nd dialog. Click install to start.

2nd dialog

Setup is starting

13 minutes into it: Windows Installing

Installing Windows

39 minutes into it: First Restart

Starting Windows

41 minutes into it: Completing the installation

51 minutes into it: Machine restarted. Windows 7 is available

55 minutes into it: Customization starts. Configure the user and computer name, password, product key, auto update settings

Setup name

59 minutes into it: Finalizing Windows 7 setup

Finallizing Setup

59 minutes into it: Preparing desktop

1 hour 2 minutes into it: Windows 7 Ready

Windows7 Ready

VirtualBox Guest Additions for Windows 7

Since Windows 7 is in beta, as of this writing, they do not have a the Virtual Box guest additions available.  The Guest Additions let the guest operating system interact with the host operating system better. These interactions include better mouse support and sharing files.

You can install the guest additions with a little bit of work. 

  • Mount the Guest Additions ISO, Windows 7 will should automatically prompt you to run the file.
  • Choose open in Explorer.
  • Navigate to VirtualBox Guest Additions
  • Right click on the VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86
  • Click on Compatibility
  • Under Compatibility mode, select “Run this program in compatibility more” and select Windows Vista.
  • Click Ok
  • Run VBoxWindowsAdditions-x86.

Vista Compatibility

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SEVDNUG December 2008 Survey Results

Back in December 2008, I asked the developers of the Phoenix Arizona to complete a survey to help guide us in creating events and getting speakers for the Phoenix area.  Here are the results.

 Section 1. Southeast Valley .NET User Group Questions
     1. The Southeast Valley .NET User Group is looking to rebuild its site using ASP.NET from scratch to add new functionality. Would you like to see a comparison of building the new SEVDNUG website with ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails? % of
Number of
Yes, I would attend the meeting. 30.51% 18
Yes, but I would not attend the meeting 27.12% 16
No, this is a .NET User Group meeting 18.64% 11
No. 23.73% 14
Number of respondents 59
Number or respondents who skipped this question 0
     2. The Southeast Valley .NET User Group is thinking about arranging a monthly "happy hour" or social mixer event at a restaurant in Chandler, AZ. Would you attend? % of
Number of
Definitely: If someone was sponsoring it. 3.39% 2
Definitely: Even if I have to pay, part of or all of my share. 13.56% 8
Maybe: Even if I have to pay, part of or all of my share. 33.90% 20
If I have the time. 27.12% 16
No 22.03% 13
Number of respondents 59
Number or respondents who skipped this question 0
     3. Would you like to hear podcast from the Southeast Valley .NET User Group? % of
Number of
Yes 47.46% 28
Maybe 30.51% 18
No 22.03% 13
Number of respondents 59
Number or respondents who skipped this question 0
     4. Would you be able to help out the Southeast Valley .NET User Group? % of
Number of
Website Maintenance 48.28% 14
Sponsoring the user group 13.79% 4
Running the Most Valuable Member program 3.45% 1
Recording the podcast 6.90% 2
Setting up the meeting 13.79% 4
Presenting 3.45% 1
Not sure I can help out wit those 3.45% 1
Random help upon request... 3.45% 1
Not at this time 3.45% 1
Number of respondents 22
Number or respondents who skipped this question 37
If you want to help, send an email to helpus [at]
If you want to sponsor a meeting or event, send an email to sponsor [at]
Section 2. Southeast Valley .NET User Group Events
     5. How many bigger events would you like to see in the Phoenix area? IE, Scott Guthrie event, the Best of PDC. % of
Number of
5 or more 28.57% 16
5 5.36% 3
4 17.86% 10
3 19.64% 11
2 21.43% 12
1 5.36% 3
I am from Cleveland Ohio, it doesn't matter. 1.79% 1
Number of respondents 56
Number or respondents who skipped this question 3
     6. How much would you expect to pay for these events? % of
Number of
> $400 1.79% 1
$250 - $399 1.79% 1
$100 - $249 10.71% 6
under $100 37.50% 21
Free 48.21% 27
Number of respondents 56
Number or respondents who skipped this question 3
     7. What content would like for these events? % of
Number of
ASP.NET 14.93% 43
Entity Framework 10.42% 30
Windows Communication Foundation 15.28% 44
Windows Presentation Foundation 12.50% 36
Windows Workflow Foundation 10.42% 30
C# 14.93% 43
VB.NET 4.51% 13
New technologies 13.54% 39
architectural discussions 0.35% 1
I am from Cleveland Ohio, it doesn't matter. 0.35% 1
more more MORE!! 0.35% 1
cloud computing 0.35% 1
Aspect Oriented Programming 0.35% 1
Silverlight 1.74% 5
Number of respondents 56
Number or respondents who skipped this question 3
     8. How long would you like for these events to take? % of
Number of
More than a day 5.36% 3
1 day 48.21% 27
1/2 day 32.14% 18
A few hours 8.93% 5
Depends on scope 1 day is good for most things. 1.79% 1
I am from Cleveland Ohio, it doesn't matter. 1.79% 1
A mix of the above would be nice 1.79% 1
Number of respondents 56
Number or respondents who skipped this question 3
     9. When would you like these events to occur? % of
Number of
9.55% 15
14.65% 23
20.38% 32
18.47% 29
15.29% 24
15.29% 24
6.37% 10
Number of respondents 56
Number or respondents who skipped this question 3

Some of the comments received... Pay close attention to question 10, #5, Really!

Section 3. General Comments
10. What topics would you like to see covered at the Southeast Valley .NET User Group meetings?
   1. Iron Python F# OSLO
   2. Concurrency and asynchronous patterns, ASP.Net, Azure
   3. Developing ASP.Net applications that take advantage of a rich domain model. In depth coverage of the new MVC package that Microsoft just put out.
   4. Architecture, best practices. Nhibernate and alternatives, IoC alternatives, etc. Patterns / practices. How they would apply to a Silverlight environment. I know you have already done some of these, but I would like to see more of the same...
   5. I am from Cleveland Ohio, it doesn't matter.
   6. More about external tools - similar to your data layer generator comparison
   7. I could go for some Mocking frameworks, perhaps some F# or other "new" dynamic language.
   8. Design Pattern comparisons using common development challenges (I.e. Need to develop a billing app. Which patterns should be considered and what benefits/detractions do each bring to the table). Practical application of functional programming in ASP.NET. WCF
   9. Seems like a very good mix of topics. The Best of PDC was very well done, I was sorry I couldn't stay for the whole thing.
   10. More application of the various technologies. Certainly more things on integrated use of the whole technology stack.
   11. Cloud Computing
   12. Programming related topics
   13. The comparison shoot-outs are a good format, maybe with different topics.
   14. Hardcore OOP
   15. In depth WCF Design discussions Real World ASP.NET examples - common/best practices
   16. I would not mind seeing stuff the goes beyond the basics. If I had a complaint of many of the meeting I have attended in the past (and it has been some time). Is that so many just skim the surface and fail to delve deeper. I understand that time is an issue so that may not be possible.
   17. best practices for Silverlight line of business apps, also would like for someone like Steele or other really successful contractors to present on how to be a successful independent contractor I.e. how to find contracts, how to bid on jobs, how to collect payment, how to setup your business, what they know now they wish they would've known when they first started out, etc.
   18. See topics that are in high demand for developers.
   19. More general topics covering ASP.NET basics. I am new at web development, and although I like attending the meetings, the content has been way beyond my level of understanding because I don't know the basics as well as others in the group who have been designing web pages for years.
   20. Pretty much anything on the Microsoft Stack would be welcome (in Phoenix) but see comment 11 on my attendance.
   21. Microsoft Enterprise Library. CSLA or any other framework
   22. It's great to have new technologies brought to the members, and equally nice to see presenters dig deeper into current tech. However, it is not always possible to make the events or presentations when they are given, which causes a lag time between when the new tech becomes available and when I get to use it, which it seems is when everyone else has moved on to the next big thing. I'd like to see more "catch-up" events or presentations to allow those of use who may be latecomers to [whatever] learn how to use them 'from the beginning' and get us up to speed on the latest versions, processes, and methodologies.
Number of Respondents 22
Number or respondents who skipped this question 37
11. Any comments that you have for the organizers of the Southeast Valley .NET User Group?
   1. Keep up the food work.
   2. Amazing job Joe. I hope to be free soon to really commit to helping out in any way I can.
   3. Your meetings are on Thursdays, which I can't make. I know you can't accommodate everyone -- sorry! :)
   4. I am from Cleveland Ohio, it doesn't matter.
   5. Great job !
   6. Basically my time is limited due to kids and a wife on the night shift but I would like to be more active in the group as I value your goals. Perhaps 2009 will be better for that. :)
   7. Keep up the great work!!
   8. How am I supposed to know how much an event is going to cost? And I had to assume that would be the total cost of the event, not my personal out-of-pocket.
   9. So far, I have been impressed. Due to travel I was only able to attend 3-4 events this year, but they were done well. thank you
   10. All of your hard work is very much appreciated. I live too far to come to the meetings, but I do attend the conferences and events since they're close to my work typically. Again, a big thank you to all who make the groups and events possible!
   11. Keep up the good work!!!
   12. thanks
   13. You guys are doing a great job.
   14. Thanks for your time and dedication!
   15. Unfortunately I've only been able to attend a couple events, so I cannot offer any suggestions / comments at this time.
   16. Keep up the good work.
   17. I really like the organization and forethought you are bringing to the SEVDNUG - for example this survey was a great idea. Forethought and planning is priceless! Keep up the good work!
   18. Thank you.
   19. I like the format, timing, and location of the events. The sponsors have been great.
   20. I live in downtown Phoenix so can not attend extreme southeast-valley events. I work in Tempe so weekday evening events in Chandler (or otherwise near Tempe) are possible, especially if sponsored. Weekday and weekend events are welcomed in Phoenix and Tempe and I will attend all that I reasonably can.
   21. I have yet to attend a meeting, yet will try to make some over the course of the upcoming year. My only request is that you continue to make the SEVDNUG a place for developers to learn, and utilize the website so those of us unable to attend meetings can still benefit from the information presented.
   22. Keep up the good work!
   23. I really appreciate the time you spend organizing these events. Even if I don't make it to all the events, The community is richer because of your efforts.
Number of Respondents 23
Number or respondents who skipped this question 36
Add me to the list of MVPs

I received my MVP email this week along with others.  I am happy to receive the award for all of the work that I have with the Southeast Valley .NET User Group. It is nice to know that someone noticed the work and appreciated it.

I look forward to making this year as valuable for the Phoenix area.

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