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Tech Events in AZ this week

WOW , there are a lot of events happening this week in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

Tuesday, March 10th

11:30 am TechLunchSouth Meet up with other technology folks for lunch at Chino Bandido’s for lunch.
5:30 pm AZGroup Meeting

Part 1. Tim Rayburn will present an intro to WCF. We live in a connected world in which no system is an isolated system. Systems need to be able to talk with other systems, which may or may not be written in .NET.  WCFoundation is how Microsoft enables these types of communication.  In this talk we will introduce you to the concepts of how to expose services, and how services differ from classes in how they should be designed.

Part 2. Rob Paveza is going to demonstrate a Facebook controls and utility library for ASP.NET developers, and talk about how Facebook applications are constructed and deployed from an ASP.NET perspective.  The library is still being developed but will be fully-open source and available on CodePlex around the time of the meeting.  Designer support is already built into the controls library, and hopefully we’ll have some LINQ-to-FQL ready to go as well.


Wednesday, March 11th

11:30am TechTalkLunch Meet up with other technology folks for lunch at Chipotle’s at 8320 N. Hayden Rd # E109, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
11:45 am Gangplank Academy Learn something new (The Gangplank Academy | Gangplank Phoenix)
4:30 pm SQL Server User Group Meeting

SQL Server Disk I/O – Defining the Right Architecture for your Enterprise

Session Details:
In Joe Belson’s Microsoft consulting work, he frequently helps customers identify disk I/O-related bottlenecks that lead to inadequate performance and scalability.  He does this with white boarding sessions that result in clear plans for leveraging SAN hardware to help deliver optimal SQL Server performance.

During our session, Joe will cover the basics of SQL Server disk I/O, how to determine your disk I/O saturation point, and how to provide simple, concise, and measurable requirements to your SAN engineers.

5:30 pm Hack Night Join the folks at GangPlank for hack night.
6:00 pm Southeast Valley .NET User Group (SEVDNUG)

Introduction to C# 3.0

Visual Studio 2008 expanded the options available to you in C# to include a lot of new features such as Object Initializers, Collection Initializers, Lambda Expressions, LINQ, etc.  This talk will be a tour de force of these new features, and will explain how these features can be used to radically speed up your development, and enable option that were not available to you before.


Thursday, March 12th

6:00 pm Phoenix Connected Systems User Group

Web services allow users to communicate with applications over a network. This works great in intranet and internet scenarios, but what happens when you want to expose or consume a service that is behind a firewall or home/office router?  Join Todd Sussman, Connected Systems Practice Lead at Neudesic as he shows you how to expose and consume services across the largest network in the world, even behind a home or corporate firewall using the .NET Service Bus.



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