Database Drivers not provided by Microsoft (Updated)

I wanted save some people some time looking for providers for their non-Microsoft databases to use with .NET.  Please keep in mine I have not tried or used all of these providers / tools but have found them from searching and asking around. Based on some of the feed back and comments I added a few others.


Oracle's .NET center can be found here:

Oracle 64bit ODAC drivers can be found here:

Very helpful for Oracle development and integrates directing into Visual Studio. Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET:

Oracle ASP.NET Data Providers:


MySQL ADO.NET Driver (Connector/NET):

Step by Step Guide for using MySQL with ASP.NET:


SQLite 3

SQlite3 .NET Provider:

SQLite ASP.NET Membership Provider:

SQLite 2007 Pro Enterprise Manager is a free GUI (Graphical User Interface) for working with SQLite database. I have used it's predecessor and found it quite helpful.


Sort of a repost but I wanted to group them together

NHibernate Data Layer Generation :

This project is hosted on SourceForge.  This project requires CodeSmith to generate the code.  The project generates, C# classes for business layer, data layer, and DataSources.  In addition, these templates will generate some based Insert, Update, Delete ASP.NET pages.



I did not find and Membership or Role providers but here are some ADO drivers.

Courtesy of Loser-X

Npgsql is de facto the ADO.NET provider. Performance and stability seems alright.

PostgreSQLDirect .NET is a commercial provider, and its supposed to out-perform Npgsql while providing more features.



I did not find and Membership or Role providers but here are some ADO drivers.

Courtesy of Loser-X

In any case, the .NET data provider is available for download, as well as a DDEX provider.



I did not find and Membership or Role providers but here are some ADO drivers. 

Updating the ASE ADO.NET Provider

Sybase support for ADO.NET 

Developing a Data Access Layer for Sybase Using ADO.NET: Essentials


  • I've used MySQL with ASP and ASP.NET when the client could not afford SQL Server hosting fees. Watch out for the MM/DD/YYYY date format which is not supported in queries.

    You should also be concerned about SQL Injection attacks because you do not have the PHP functions mysql_real_escape_string() or addslashes() to sanitize user input.

  • PostgreSQL:
    Npgsql, a PostgreSQL ADO.NET driver:

  • I have been looking for Sybase .NET drivers. It seems Sybase keeps a tight lock on their drivers. Has anyone found a place for Sybase .NET/ADO.NET drivers?

  • Membership and Role providers for Postgres:

    The official .NET provider for Firebird includes Membership, Role and Profile providers.

  • CodeGear's RAD Studio includes an ASP.NET provider implementation that will hook to any of our nine dbExpress drivers, including Interbase, Oracle, and SQL Server.

  • Database drivers not provided by microsoft.. Smashing :)

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