Desert Code Camp – November 2009 Lessons Learned

My first Code Camp is done and I wanted to jot down some of the lessons I learned.

Bring EXTRA equipment! You will never now what people will want or need. Here’s a list of items that are good to have.

  • Adapters
    • DVI to VGA (those MACs)
    • HDMI to VGA
    • Multiple video to VGA
  • Mice
  • CAT5 cables
  • USB Cables
  • USB Flash drive


  • Speakers will cancel.  It is an unfortunate fact.
  • Don’t allow one speaker to speak at more than 3 sessions.  This reduces your risk in case of cancelation and prevents speaker fatigue.

Schedule.  Printed schedules are good to have and good to hang.  Also add speaker names to the presentations.

Name Tags. People like and want them.


  • WIFI is key.  A reliable and unobtrusive WiFi connection is best.
  • You need to be able handle last minute room changes


  • Make sure you provide the person(s) that are ordering the food explicit instructions on the food.
  • Try to have more than just pizza.
  • You should have vegetarian and vegan options.


And remember you are not going to be able to make EVERYONE happy.


  • Despite all these.. it was a great time I had there. Thanks for organizing it Joe.

  • Thank you for doing the hard work necessary to put on such an event. I enjoyed coming to your beautify community (where I can go without a jacket in November) and learn what's going on in web technologies. Etc.

    I would like to add:

    Don't schedule so tight, 5 minutes is not enough time between sessions. I often get as much out of the hallway conversations as I do in the sessions.

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