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  • WCF Services in a Shared Hosting Environment

    I’m currently using a relatively well known hosting service for my Silverlight 2 application. The problem that I’ve had in getting the app up and running is that in a shared hosting environment, I have no control over host headers and most of the other settings in IIS. So since my url is, the ops people also added to the host headers for my site.


  • Calculating Distances Between Latitude and Longitude – T-SQL – Haversine

    I’ve got lots of lat/long information for my Silverlight 2 application and I’m now tinkering with getting the elevation view working in my spare time. The problem is that the distances are very small and the haversine formulae I’ve located on the internet are all either miles or kilometers. Not going to work when your next position is only 50 feet away. So I wrote the simple SQL function below based directly on Seth Long’s version here.


  • SharePoint Server Deployment Plan MPP

    Joel Oleson, on the SharePoint Team Blog has posted a sample deployment plan for a MOSS installation. Looks pretty comprehensive.

    At a glance:

    - 6 Months
    - Resources:
       - Database Administrator
       - Desktop Administrator
       - Education/Training Lead
       - End Users
       - Intranet/Internet Administrator
       - Project Manager
       - Test/QA Lead
       - Workspace Coordinators
    - Overall methodology seems to be MSF-esque with phases:
       - Envisioning
       - Planning
       - Deployment, Implementation and Configuration Management
       - Post-Implementation Operations, Optimization and Business Review

    They have clearly tried to make this all things to all deployments which is nice. I expect my shop will probably start out with this and whittle it down a little into something that looks like what we actually do. I think that we'll also set up some task notes or links within tasks to point to specifications and guidance.

    Additionally, this does not cover anything related to significant custom feature deployments. I wouldn't really expect that though.

    Overall, good stuff.


  • Interactive Developer Maps

    I believe that as you age in the software development business, you start realizing that there is very little new in the world. This means that for someone like me who doesn't read very fast and has kids who need shoes, the desire to go out and purchase a new 60 dollar book about the latest technology wanes somewhat. The problem is that half the book is philosophy and half the other half is basic stuff I already knew anyway. Culling through a myriad magazine and internet articles presents the same problem though admittedly without the expense. The authors are often not interesting enough to really keep my attention and the subject matter is frequently a rehash. I long for a diagram that shows me the lay of the land and allows me to just pick out what I want to learn, learn it and move on at my own pace and in my own direction.

    This from the guy who wants to write professionally...

    The MOSS technologies are really a jump forward in my opinion for MS. They offer integration points that "the smart people" are still trying to get their minds around and the products are useful right out of the box. Its like having your own Transformer! What I'm hearing from a lot of people on my team and others, though, is that the ability to actually dig in and code against this beast is limited by documentation. I have to admit, before this morning I got more information from blogs and forums than from any technical articles or books.

    HINT: MOSS and Sharepoint are lumped under Office in MSDN!!

    So I dug around the Office area of MSDN for about 11 seconds and found the Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map. This is a really cool, easy to follow WPF application! It's available via ClickOnce and gives me both the overview I need to constantly review where I am and the details to let me dig into a piece within context.

    I reallly hope that similar applications are put forth from MS for Visual Studio Team Systems, Exchange, SQL Server and some of the other platforms that have a very high knowledge entry bar.



  • Introductions

    Many thanks to Joe for allowing me a venue here at! My previous blog is at and, as you may notice, it got a LOT of traffic and allowed me to really open the eyes of the uneducated masses. In reality, it allowed me to vent now and then but I never put much into it because I knew it wasn't getting many hits.

    Jump forward to today. I have a new post at a fantastic MS Partner ( and am working hard to spin up on Sharepoint 2007 while staying current with more traditional development patterns. I hope to post bits and pieces from all the mind boggling ventures into the land of Sharepoint and also describe my experiences with GAT/GAX and the P&P community at MS. As time goes by, I expect that some of the stumps I pull up will be similar to what others have found and we'll work it together. Just one big-ol-happy-family, right? Um. Yeah.

    One final note to those that read my most recent China Adoption travel blog: There were no extremist beavers and there were no rioting howler monkeys in Beijing, Kunming or Guangzhou. Please just get over it. It was a joke...