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  • Blood Sweat and Tears... Almost

    So this is an inappropriate venue for this but its been on my mind a lot since my trip to China to adopt my second daughter.

    You've heard that we make things happen with blood, sweat and tears. Historic projects like the continental railroad come to mind. I believe that this is a) in the wrong order and; b) incomplete.

    I contend that the fortune we experience in our lives is based on four methods of working through problems, not only these three. I submit that we are blessed based on how high up the following chain things happen for us:

    • Kindness
    • Sweat
    • Blood
    • Tears

    Kindess: When we receive some help that we either did not deserve and/or did not expect. I had two people arrive literally out of nowhere in China to help guide my family through some of the most significant and hellish hours of my life and that of my eldest daughter. My wife insists that the first was an angel. I don't know about that but I can say with absolute certainty that he did what he did with no hope of ever being repaid for his kindness. I'm thankful to both of these wise men as long as I live.

    Sweat: Work hard and you'll get there. Not 100% true but true most of the time in the USA. If you work harder and smarter than everyone else and apply your complete efforts to the problem at hand, chances are good that you will resolve it.

    Blood: If you are less lucky, you will pay for the things you attain in your life through sacrifice of things that you must have to keep your life on its even keel. The blood I refer to is that of the person doing the sacrificing. There are times in the course of life's events when the only way to get where you must go is through the fire. This is the lesson of all the fighting Marines in this nation's history and I thank them.

    Tears: The worst of all possible fortunes lies through the misfortune of others. If life frowns upon you, you may not get what you want or need. But there is a worse fate: you may get it at the expense of those people who are most important to you. I pity those who sacrifice others to get what they want and then realize what they have done. Its a price too high.