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  • SharePoint Logs - Tracing Service lost trace events

    So in the farm I'm trying to deploy to, the tracing service starting logging some "failed to write template" messages. Thousands of them. Nobody was on the machine at the time. It wasn't available to anyone so it was internal to SharePoint, whatever it was. Then it suddenly turned into the "Tracing Service lost trace events" log entries. Finally, it stopped logging altogether.

  • Helpful Tips for SharePoint Developers - #2: VPC Hot Key

    I've been a keyboard-centric guy since Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Having one of the alt keys reserved for getting in and out of the VPC kills me every time. So go into your Virtual PC Console: "File" -> "Options". Select "Keyboard" and enter your new value. Since I nearly always go directly to MSDN or Google when I have a problem or question, it seemed natural to reallocate the F1 key for this.