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  • Screen-Based Reading PlaceHolder

    So what I find is that as I dive into SharePoint Services and MOSS, I need help reading all the online content more than ever before. I have a minor astigmatism that glasses help with. Still, even with glasses it gets really old trying to scan back and forth across the screen. I downloaded a free designer's ruler that I could drag around the screen but it wasn't good enough.

    I wanted something I could either make into a "T" or switch to a highlighter-style reader similar to podium reading devices. This would allow me to have the MOSS VPC open on one screen and follow along easily on the second screen. So I wrote my own placeholder.

    Double click anywhere on the main form to start the drag action and click once to drop it. You can also click once on the "H" handle to start the drag and "X" will kill it. It has no tray or task bar icon so if you set the opacity to 0% good luck finding it again. Showing the T will make the background transparent and hiding it will give you a highlighter-style place holder. This is quick and dirty but the only real bugs seem to be the lack of ability to keep up with really fast mouse movements and the opacity staying at 100% when you roll off the buttons. The total code (outside the designer-generated stuff) is under 200 lines.

    I hope that some time in the near future I'll be able to write a nice version of this in WPF. If you know of anyone who's already done this please let me know.