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  • Introductions

    Many thanks to Joe for allowing me a venue here at! My previous blog is at and, as you may notice, it got a LOT of traffic and allowed me to really open the eyes of the uneducated masses. In reality, it allowed me to vent now and then but I never put much into it because I knew it wasn't getting many hits.

    Jump forward to today. I have a new post at a fantastic MS Partner ( and am working hard to spin up on Sharepoint 2007 while staying current with more traditional development patterns. I hope to post bits and pieces from all the mind boggling ventures into the land of Sharepoint and also describe my experiences with GAT/GAX and the P&P community at MS. As time goes by, I expect that some of the stumps I pull up will be similar to what others have found and we'll work it together. Just one big-ol-happy-family, right? Um. Yeah.

    One final note to those that read my most recent China Adoption travel blog: There were no extremist beavers and there were no rioting howler monkeys in Beijing, Kunming or Guangzhou. Please just get over it. It was a joke...