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  • Beyond Compare 3

    A substantial part of a developer’s job seems to be the logistical details of getting ‘it’ from here to there. When you run a team the problem becomes larger. Even with source control, there are documents that should be updated that aren’t and things that should be done that are missed. The two tools that I use these days are Beyond Compare from Scooter Software for files and folders and Red Gate’s SQL Compare for databases. The former is dirt cheap, the later has gotten more expensive over the years.


  • WCF Services in a Shared Hosting Environment

    I’m currently using a relatively well known hosting service for my Silverlight 2 application. The problem that I’ve had in getting the app up and running is that in a shared hosting environment, I have no control over host headers and most of the other settings in IIS. So since my url is, the ops people also added to the host headers for my site.


  • Calculating Distances Between Latitude and Longitude – T-SQL – Haversine

    I’ve got lots of lat/long information for my Silverlight 2 application and I’m now tinkering with getting the elevation view working in my spare time. The problem is that the distances are very small and the haversine formulae I’ve located on the internet are all either miles or kilometers. Not going to work when your next position is only 50 feet away. So I wrote the simple SQL function below based directly on Seth Long’s version here.


  • Looking for the Groove Again

    I spent quite a bit of time working SharePoint both in an independent project and bug-fixing other people’s work over the last six or seven months. Once you get the paradigm down, it’s not too bad but not exactly a barrel of laughs either. You spend equal thirds of your time developing, debugging and tinkering with the xml files that make up the belly of the beast. I believe that after some old-school SQL work finishes up I’ll be back in that groove. Yippee… I need to noodle around with those certifications too but that’s another story.

    My reason for not blogging recently has been that a new toy caught my eye and I’ve been goofing around with Silverlight 2 for the last few months in pretty much all of my spare time. I’ve spent no less than 30 minutes and sometimes upwards of 2 hours a night tinkering out my new application. This is something that I suppose is possible with flash but I’m not a flash guy so I can’t say for sure. The idea of this hit me a few years ago and I was trying to implement it with ajax with limited results. SL makes it relatively easy.

    About 2 months ago the hard drive on my personal machine crashed and fried the controller. It might have been the other way around but I ended up losing a load o’ code and had to start from scratch with the original images and the requirements docs I had emailed to myself. Now I’ve got carbonite.

    So the application is free for now and I’m going to replace all images with updates from my spankin’ new DSLR. The buttons need templates, the colors of the controls stink and the images take far too long too long to load. That said I think it’s a pretty rich experience. Check it out if you have SL2 installed.

    I’d be interested in any input from the peanut gallery…