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Small Person, Big Life

My friends and a few work associates know some of the details of my last trip to China to adopt my second daughter. While there my first adopted daughter, then 4 years old, got mysteriously sick. Very very sick. My wife and I spent a lot of time and obscene amounts of money playing the Ugly American role and advocating for our child in a medical and political system not set up with any specific value placed on an individual life. I love the Chinese people (all of them) and the Chinese culture is a part of my life for the sake of my children but I’m still in 1969 when it comes to Communist governments…

Nuff said about that. Suffice it to say that anyone ever who stands between me and my family will have problems much larger than they imagined possible. So when my kid gets sick and nobody knows what the hell is going on it’s incomprehensibly frustrating. You pray, you weep, you hold her hand and smile and say it’s going to get better soon even though you’re not at all sure it will.

So life being what it is, sometimes it doesn’t get better. Thus the reason for this post. The Spohrs family lost their fight last week for their daughter’s life. I don’t know them and I never will but I do feel a small part of their pain.

They have a raffle going to raise funds for the March of Dimes that you can find on their site but my reason for posting here is that Bill Simser is offering his MVP MSDN Premium Subscription with Team Suite for raffle. He has instructions on his blog about how to get involved. Cost is 10.00 per entry and it’s going to a damn good cause.

Please do this and please pass it on.

Posted: Apr 13 2009, 08:16 AM by axshon
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