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Learning SharePoint MOSS at 2.5 Weeks - Perspective of an ASP.Net guy
Some observations about SharePoint and MOSS after working to master it for 2 1/2 weeks. By the way, I have as yet, not mastered it. Find the blogs and forums for SharePoint and MOSS. You will get more information quicker here than any other method. Consider...
SharePoint Server Deployment Plan MPP
Joel Oleson, on the SharePoint Team Blog has posted a sample deployment plan for a MOSS installation. Looks pretty comprehensive. http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2007/10/05/office-sharepoint-server-deployment-plan-sample.aspx At a glance: - 6...
Sharepoint Recycle Bin Administration
It seems that with Sharepoint and MOSS, Microsoft has either gone in a new direction with their documentation, they are just behind the power curve on getting documentation out there OR there is just so much to this product that they decided to let the...
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