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Uploading a File to SQL Server via Silverlight, WCF and EF
Note: Some of the code presented here does not conform to standard security practices. The goal is to show the relevant methods to accomplish the requirements, not to present a production-ready solution. The requirements: ü Upload individual large files...
Using the BackgroundWorker in a Silverlight MVVM Application
With Silverlight 4 and the Entity Framework you get a lot of work done on your behalf in terms of standard UI CRUD-style operations. Validations and I/O are pretty easy to accommodate out of the box. But sometimes you need to perform some long running...
Using Linq to XML with C# to Read Gpx Files
GPX is the standardized file format for GPS file exchanges. A GPX file can contain a lot of different kinds of information. Take a look at the schema here . In general, the major things that you will work with are: Waypoints A waypoint is a specific position...
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