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Back in the Saddle
Back to the grind. Actually, I've been back to the grind for weeks but haven't been blogging due to time constraints. 2007 ended with a fender bender followed by my eldest daughter going to the hospital in East Podunk New Hampshire with 105 F fever and...
Linq to SQL Null Value Handling
Here is what SQLMetal generates when you have a column in your database that allows nulls: private System. Nullable < int > _DiscountTypeID; This means that when you have a null value in the database, the value that is returned by the Linq to SQL...
SQL Metal and Linq - Refreshing Schema Warnings
So it turns out the simplest way to update your dbml schema is to just delete the existing files and recreate them with SQL Metal. Then, when you include the updated dbml file in your VS 2008 project you will get new dbml.layout and .designer.cs files...
Using SQL Metal To Get Connected with Linq
SQLMetal.exe is the command line tool that will allow you to very quickly spin up the object model you'll need to connect from your SQL Server database via Linq. Here are the basics of using SQLMetal. Take a look at this text file , the output from executing...
Linq to SQL with VS 2008 and MOSS
So here's my current plan for firing up these new technologies. As background, I gave a 15 minute presentation at a user group last night on the generalities of data abstraction and although I think I did ok, I also think that there are a lot more questions...
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